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Januari 29, 2023
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Januari 29, 2023

Sicily And Its Bountiful


And its Bountiful

Culinary Traditions

Giuseppe Lenzo

Vice President Memo Tour Operator e DMC

Passionate tourism professional with strong focus on American market and impactful hospitality, his academic background in languages and his international experience have contributed to his job as licensed Tour Manager, Tour Guide and Wedding Celebrant, as well as Guest Assistant in luxury events across Southern Italy. His knowledge, culture and enthusiasm are the cornerstones of his personality in providing unique, authentic experiences across the Italian country.

Sergio Ientile

I’m Sergio Ientile, from Palermo, Sicily. I’m an authorized Tour Guide and Tour Leader with a degree in history. I spent my entire life in Palermo and around Italy. I have always loved to show my land to foreigners (in English or Italian) because it gives me a way to understand what’s behind the things we see, we listen to, we taste. The history of a place, sometimes underestimated, is the real key to understand who we are and gives us an answer to (almost) everything. We are history!

Federica Muriana

Hi, I’m Federica Muriana. I am from Modica, I am 28 years old and I manage, together with my family, the Osteria dei Sapori Perduti. A restaurant that offers typical dishes of the Modican tradition, handed down from my grandmothers.

Graziella Minardi

My name is Graziella. I’m Sicilian and I live in Modica, I started working as a tour guide and tour leader all over Sicily more than 29 years ago. My big passion for the Sicilian cuisine brought me to open a restaurant in my home town where we serve local food made just with local ingredients and where I give cooking classes and chocolate hands on. We are just in front of one of the main churches of Modica.

Vittoria Cerniglia

I’m Vittoria Cerniglia born and raised in a pastry shop close to Palermo. Blessed by living in Sicily, the heart of Mediterranean sea. I have a cake for each step of my life: Christening, wedding, etc.

My family has an Albanian heritage; my ancestors escaped from Albania, in the XV century and they settled in south Italy. We still speak the language and keep traditions alive after more than 500 years.
Multilingual for necessity: I need to tell everyone how beautiful, impressive and amazing Sicily is.

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How the “Cannolo” is made with Salvatore Cerniglia

Sicilian “Street Food”


Food Treasures from Emilia-Romagna

A journey through Italian Home Cooking

with Casa Artusi

Silvia Mazza

Travel Marketing Specialist – APT Servizi Emilia Romagna – Emilia Romagna Tourist Board

Tourism has always been a passion and a profession to me. It all started when my German mother met my father while she was on holiday in Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast: I am the result of that love born on vacation, so we can say that tourism is in my DNA!  I have always loved to travel, to discover new places and cultures. I started my career as animator in tourist resorts all over the world, then I became tour leader and finally I landed to work in tourism promotion over 20 years ago. It’s a very gratifying work, trying to boost tourism in the region where I was born and grown up. I am aware that there are a lot of amazing things to see, taste, experience, enjoy and I am happy to share this knowledge to anyone who is curious to learn more about Emilia Romagna.

Carla Brigliadori

Head of the Casa Artusi Cooking School

Certified cook with a master degree in philosophy at the University of Bologna, my passion for cooking and travelling have brought me to attend a further master in history and culture of food with professor Massimo Montanari (President of the Scientific Committee of Casa Artusi) and my consequent desire to work at the Casa Artusi cooking school since its opening in 2007. 

Francine Segan

Food Historian, Author and Public Speaker

One of America’s foremost experts on Italian cuisine, is an engaging public speaker and author. A noted food historian and James Beard-nominated author of six books including her most recent on Italy – Dolci: Italy’s Sweets and Pasta Modern: New & Inspired Recipes from Italy.

Travel along the Via Emilia Food Valley – with Francine Segan

Casa Artusi

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