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Januari 27, 2023




Mainland, Sicilia is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the southernmost region  of Italy. Famous for its blue skies and mild winter climate Sicilia is also home to Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano. This fertile paradise was settled by Siculi, Phonecians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors, Normans, Spaniards and Bourbons among others, and the remnants of these astounding cultures cover the entire island, from the temples of Agrigento to the priceless mosaics of Piazza Armerina and the ancient capital of Siracusa. Smaller islands, such as the Aeolian, Aegadean and Pelagian chains as well as Pantelleria, just 90 miles off of the African coast, are also part of Sicilia, offering superb beaches.


  • Cerasuolo di Vittoria (DOCG), red
  • Bianco d’Alcamo (DOC), white
  • Contessa Entellina (DOC), white, red and rosè
  • Etna (DOC), white, red and rosè
  • Marsala (DOC), gold, amber and ruby dessert wine
  • Moscato di Siracusa(DOC), gold dessert wine
  • Sambuca di Sicilia (DOC), white, red and rosè


  • Delicate and fruity extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt from Trapani
  • Sicilian honey, pistacchios and succulent blood oranges
  • Almond paste (marzipan) shaped into colorful miniature fruits
  • Ricotta-filled cannoli
  • Delicious cassata cake with ricotta and almond paste

Art and Crafts

  • Red coral artwork from Trapani
  • Hand-painted tambourines
  • Medieval style puppets on a string
  • Fanciful Sicilian carts in all sizes
  • Artistic objects made from glazed bread in Salemi
To Be Seen

The creepy catacombs of San Giovanni beneath Siracusa date back almost 3000 years.

Midway between the temples of Agrigento and the Roman-era mosaics of Piazza Armerina kids can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon at the Parco Acquatico Conte, a water world theme park in Sommatino.

Il Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi, also in Siracusa, showcases medieval puppetry most summer evenings.

In Bagheria, near Palermo, is the Museo del Giocattolo Pietro Piraino with over 700 toys from the last four centuries.

In Palermo itself, discover the Museo Internazionale delle Marionette, an entire museum dedicated to the Sicilian art of puppetry.

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