The Best Travel Writing from Italy

Januari 30, 2023
A lot of useful informations and links about Italy
Januari 30, 2023

The Best Travel Writing from Italy

A book that will inspire travelers to pack their bags and run to Italy….

The Best Travel Writing from 


Introduction by Umberto Eco

“A journey to Italy should always be seen as a journey of discovery that will reveal not one, but many Italys.”

Umberto Eco

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Travelers dream of visiting the ruins of ancient Rome, the canals of Venice, the fashionable boutiques of Milan, and other hotspots of the country. ITALY: The Best Travel Writing From The New York Times (Abrams, $50.00, April) is a lavishly illustrated look at the appeal of this fascinating country punctuated by the writing artistry of superb travel writers and journalists.

 Essays full of history, philosophical ruminations, humorous anecdotes, cultural musings, and useful travel information—in short the best of The New York Times talent—accompany nearly 500 photographs that capture the local color of every remarkable corner of this richly diverse land. The clamor and vitality of Naples, the idyllic enchantment of Lago Maggiore, the intriguing cultural contradictions of Genova, the Cliffside trails of Cinqueterre and more are featured in this beautiful volume, lavishly illustrated with  473 color photographs, that will make you want to drop everything and fly to this land that continues to inspire writers, artists, and casual visitors alike. Contributors include Oliver Bernier, Rachel Billington, Frank Bruni, Shirley Hazzard, Paul Hofmann, Alison Lurie, Malachi Martin, Alastair McEwen, Michael Mewshaw, Jan Morris, Francien Prose, Barry Unsworth, Muriel Spark, and William Weaver.

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