5 Unique Things About Perugia

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Februari 4, 2023
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5 Unique Things About Perugia


Must Visit! Here Are 5 Unique Things About Perugia


The Perugia City Museum Card grants access to 5 of the following 10 museums: San Severo Chapel, National Gallery of Umbria, Volumni Hypogeum, National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, Museum of Congress, Nobile Collegio del Cambio, Nobile College della Mercanzia, Palazzo Baldeschi al Corso , Palazzo della Penna museum, Etruscan fountains. It also offers discounted tickets to the archaeological area of ​​the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of Palazzo Solbello and the sanctuary complex of San Bevignat, as well as discounts at some restaurants. Valid for 48 hours, costs €14 for adults and €10 for students (as of May 2019).

Always The Best Airport In Perugia

(Perugia AirLink bus offers transfers to the center of Perugia and Assisi. The price is 5 EUR one way. Timetable). An international airport with connections from Tirana and Albawings, and from London, Palermo, Catania, Valletta, Vienna, Brussels, Lamezia Terme and Cagliari with Ryanair flight. Perugia San Franciso da Sisi (Q1371018) on Wikidata Perugia San Francesco da Sisi – Umbria International Airport on Wikipedia
Further afield, Pisa and Bologna are served by European budget airlines.

3 hours from Rome airport and about 7 hours from Milan Malpensa airport. Buses from Rome Fiumicino Airport leave regularly from the lower car park (3 hours, €20). (Many of the buses at the Tourist Bus Park are privately hired and not open to the public. Some buses, such as Sulga, may show up on the upper levels of Terminal C, but rest assured they will be in the lower parking area at scheduled times .View schedule online.)

At Perugia Train Transportation is always on time

The train from Rome arrives in Perugia in 2-3 hours, usually with 1 change, if taking the Treno Regionale it costs €12.10, otherwise it is double. Many direct trains from Florence, 2 hours, €14.65. Getting there by train from Siena is a hassle as it requires 2 train changes, takes 4 hours and costs 13 euros.

The second railway station is located in the valley a few kilometers from the city’s centro storico (historic center). From the train station you can take the mini metro, a local bus or a taxi.

City ​​Bus Connection Is Well Connected

Flixbus offers connections to Rome (2:15 hours), Florence (2:10 hours) and Siena (1:20 hours). 3 Fixbus bus stop, Piazzale Umbria Jazz. (Updated April 2019 | Edited) 4 Piazza Partigiani Autostation, Piazza Partigiani. Services provided by Busitalia.

By Car Travel Only 2.5 Hours

Perugia is just off the A1 motorway from Rome to Milan. Approximate travel times are 2.5 hours from Rome, 1 hour from Orvieto, 6 hours from Milan, and 1 hour from Florence. Perugia can also be reached by car from other parts of Italy via the Autostrada.

Travel Around In The Friendliest City Like Perugia

Perugia is a large mountain city. Most of the main attractions are located at the top of the hill in the Centro Storico (old town). It is almost impossible to access the Centro Storico by car unless you have a confirmed hotel reservation. Even outside the centre, you will drive very slowly on the many one-way cobbled streets and it is very likely that you will end up driving in circles several times, as the road signs are very confusing. Drive as little as possible and get around on foot. The main parking for tourists is in Piazza Partigiani. From there you can take a series of escalators (hopefully most of them work!) to the historic centre. There are many interesting things to see along the way, as the path is carved through the Rocca Paolina, a medieval citadel. More details on parking are available at

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