Golf in Italy

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Januari 28, 2023
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Golf in Italy

Golf in Italy

Golf in Italy

Golf is a very modern game and yet maybe it is one of the most ancient.

The love for nature,for the environment and for natural landscapes, today unites in the name of Golf more than 60 million people in the world, overcoming barriers of all kinds.

The Romans used to play this sport, the “paganica”, with a stick and a leather ball stuffed with feat hers. Ancestors of Golf are also the English “cambuca” of the 13th and 14th century, the “jeu de mail” in France, the “Het kolven” in the Netherlands. Golf as we know it today is played in magnificent fields in incontaminated landscapes dotted with thousands of natural hazards.

The purpose of this page is to divulge the many opportunities for playing Golf in Italy: Golf at the lakes, at the sea, in the mountains, around the art cities, in spa localities, in harmony with the most extensively equipped tourist resorts.

Lakeside golfing
The Lake of Como

The Lake of Garda, the Lake of Maggiore, the Lake of Como: are these three large environmental beauties sufficient to give you an idea of what it means to play golf near a large-sized lake? It means flat grounds, very gentle slopes, small clearings surrounded by trees. One can walk for hours, following the round of the game, in truly fascinating surroundings, so different from the traditional courses. For a golf player, each green has its own “history “, which almost always means new game experiences.

The differences between the lakeside Golf courses and the usual ones enrich and excite the spirit. But the lakes know how to enchant you too: a sail-boat or motor-boat ride along the coast, rod fishing, a lively evening in the night-clubs which abound on the shores, are all “things” to which the golf lover will willingly give in.

Seaside golfing


The Conero Riviera (Marches)

A seaside Golf course, in Italy, is always an immense green balcony reaching out towards splendid panoramas and enchanting rivieras. Golf lovers may practice their favourite sport in international touristic localities in which the ancient sea villages blend in perfectly with the new strategies of hospitality. Obviously, in these locations even the most single-minded golfers may be tempted by a miriad of sea sports, by a thousand excursions along the coasts, by an infinite number of cultural and artistic itineraries.

Golfing in the mountains
Gran Sasso National Park (Abruzzo)

The mountains are a very important part of the Italian environmental wealth, with their splendid nature, culture, traditions, life models and sightseeing occasions.
In these landscapes, from the Alps to the Appennines which streak the peninsula like a large mane, the golf courses are framed by uniquely beautiful flora and fauna. The Italian mountains offer you greatly fascinating natural oases. In the mountains, as on the golf courses, walking is part of the game, a sort of rule which cannot be contravened if one wishes to enjoy to the utmost a holiday made of open-air sport and excursions.

Golfing around the art cities

 Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, as well as a hundred other Italian cities, represent an inestimable cultural and artistic wealth which is envied by the whole world. But the list should also include the entire regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, etc.. In fact, our entire Peninsula can certainly be considered the largest museum ever of the most ancient western civilization. Golfing in places where culture and art have such deep roots and such wide-spread and great evidence means to combine two rather irreconcilable requirements: the need to practice a sport, giving in to the “sweet mania” of the green, and at the same time the possibility of taking time to entertain one’s spirit. In the art cities one mingles with large flows of international tourism. But only the golf player can be sure to be able to retire to his course as to a peaceful oasis.

Golfing in spa localities

Golfing and Spa: this can be defined as the binomial synonym for health. Golfing is healthy, as are healthy the periodical visits to the spa, a “strategy” which is not only medical but also refreshing, already practised by the Romans as a reinvigorating and corroborant remedy. For golf-lovers all of this is possible: all they have to do is choose a Golf course close to any one of the Italian spa localities which due to their geographical position have a pleasant climate in all seasons, just like the greens which exist near them.

Then, after having played one’s favourite game, one can give in to the night life of the spa, having fun without having to exaggerate and, as we said, just like on the golf course, participating in the merry groups which are typical of these calm and refined urban environments and systems.


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