Food & Wine – Regional Specialties

The Ligurian Islands – Liguria
Januari 30, 2023
Delightful Islands of Italy
Delightful Islands of Italy
Januari 30, 2023

Food & Wine – Regional Specialties

Food & Wine – Regional Specialties

  Food & Wine – Regional Specialties

Although everyone loves Italian food, figuring out what kind of meal to have and where to have it can be difficult. Italian cuisine varies from region to region but, in spite of regional differences, Italian food in general is often characterized as being flexible and innovative, building itself on a model of theme and variation.

Here is a selection of the most well known regional specialties that the tourist should taste:














Aosta Valley bistecca alla Valdostana a breaded cutlet fried then topped with fontina and ham;
carbonade a stew made of lean meat cooked with minced onions and wine;
cheeses: the famous fontinatoma a ripe cheese, fromadzo and salignon a spicy robiola
Recipes: carbonade
Piedmont bagna cauda a hot sauce made with oil, garlic and anchovies used for dipping with raw vegetables;
 cheese with eggs and truffles;
agnolotti stuffed pasta;
brasato al Barolo braised beef with Barolo;
toffees, chocolates and marrons glaces
Recipes: bagna caudabrasato al Barolo
Lombardy risotto alla milanese rice with saffron;
minestrone a substantial soup with stock and vegetables;
ossobuco alla milanese knuckle of veal; cutlets;
robiolagorgonzolastracchinoBel Paese;
panettone a cake with candied peel in it
Recipes: risotto alla milanese
Veneto risi e bisi soup with rice and peas;
polenta a corn meal dish;
zuppa di pesce fish soup;
scampi prawns;
fegato alla veneziana calf’s liver with onions
Recipes: risi e bisifegato alla veneziana
Liguria minestrone, a substantial soup with stock and vegetables;
trenette al pesto flat pasta with Genovese sauce, very aromatic with garlic and basil;
farinata a thin layer of chick pea dough dressed with olive oil and cooked in a wood oven;
torta Pasqualina a pie with a filling of spinach, artichokes and cheese
Recipes: pesto saucefarinata
Emilia-Romagna green lasagne made with spinach;
tortellini home-made pasta stuffed with ground meat;
scaloppe alla bolognese veal scallops;
prosciutto crudo di Parma raw ham, salami;
parmigiano reggiano
Recipes: tortellini
Tuscany bistecca alla Fiorentina huge T-bone steak grilled over aromatic charcoal;
arista roast pork;
cacciucco fish chowder;
triglie alla livornese red mullet cooked with tomatoes and oil
Recipes: bistecca alla Fiorentinacacciucco
Latium fettuccine flat noodles;
gnocchi alla romana tiny cylinders of semolina flour or mashed potatoes with tomato sauce;
abbacchio roasted suckling lamb;
porchetta suckling pig roasted on a spit;
carciofi alla giudia artichokes fried in olive oil
Recipes: gnocchi alla romanacarciofi alla giudia
Campania spaghetti alle vongole pasta with tomatoes and clams;
cozze mussels;
triglie mullet and seppie cuttlefish;
the celebrated 
mozzarella, smoked provola, scamorza and caciocavallo
Recipes: spaghetti alle vongole
Sicily caponata di melanzane an eggplant dish;
pasta con le sarde pasta with sardines;
splendid fresh fruit: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, grapes, and world famous pastries such as
 cannoli alla siciliana, cassata and pasta di mandorle
Recipes: caponata di melanzane

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