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Januari 30, 2023
Italian Government Tourist Board North America
Januari 30, 2023

Travel & Leisure

FLORENCE FLORENCE David Price, Fox News weatherman; Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio, Publisher T&L, Eugenio Magnani, Italian Government Tourist Board Director N.A.; Nancy Novogrod, Editor-in-chief FLORENCE FLORENCE

Travel & Leisure, the American travel and tourism magazine, awarded the city of Florence the 2002 prize for the most-preferred city in Europe. It is no surprise that the beautiful Art City has won this award; with all it has to offer, Florence is a destination that many people all over the world love to visit. The “World’s Best Award” is chosen annually by the readers of the magazine. The readers are able to select their favorite travel destination, hotels, spas, cruise lines, airlines and tour operators all over the world. The award ceremony was held on the 18th of July at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York. Eugenio Magnani, Director of the Italian Government Tourist Board – North America, accepted the prize awarded to Florence and Cryistine L. Nicholas, President & CEO of NYC &Co. accepted the prize awarded to New York City for the favorite city awards. The recognition of the city of Florence in  the best city category is also a sign of Italy’s popularity in the North American market.  By winning this award, we can also see how Italy’s popularity is increasing; indicating a trend toward an ever-increasing movement of U.S. tourism to Italy.


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