Januari 28, 2023


  Territory: The region occupies the main part of the Po Valley. Its northern borders are formed by the Lepontine, Rhaetian and Orobic Alps. It includes […]
Januari 28, 2023

US and Canada Embassy and consulates in Italy

US and Canada Embassy and consulates in Italy USA: Roma, Firenze, Milano, Napoli, Genova, Palermo, Trieste CANADA : Roma, Milano, Sulmona, Padova Embassy: ROMA Via Vittorio Veneto, 121 00187 TEL: 0646741 FAX: 0646742356 Consulate: ROMA   Via Vittorio Veneto, […]
Januari 28, 2023

Beaches in Italy

Beaches in Italy A dream in blue: that is the Italian sea zzz The Adriatic Sea: the land of fun for young people and families alike A dream in blue: […]
Januari 27, 2023

Dress and Shoe Sizes

Dress and Shoe Sizes Regulations | Health | Money | Phone & Mail | Church Services | Miscellaneous Size Tables COMPARISON CHART United States & Italian […]