Januari 30, 2023

Folklore  in the Italian Regions

   Folklore  in the Italian Regions ( from ENIT corporate magazine “ENIT Italia” n.31 -January 2009 )   When we use the term “folkloristic” in a broader […]
Januari 29, 2023

Opera Houses

Opera Houses, Concerts and Ballets Italy, Opera’s ancestral home, offers visitors a rich choice of operatic seasons throughout most of the year. The Teatro alla Scala […]
Januari 27, 2023

Campania is extraordinarily rich in remains of the classic antiquity

  Territory: The region faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and includes one of the finest coastlines in Italy. The hinterland is essentially mountainous, with irregular massifs broken […]
Januari 27, 2023

Baroque art in Southern Italy

Baroque art in Southern Italy The term itself Baroque originally comes from the Portuguese word “barroco” that means an irregularly-shaped pearl, an obvious reference to the […]