The Enogastronomic Itinerary

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Januari 30, 2023
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Januari 30, 2023

The Enogastronomic Itinerary
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The Enogastronomic Itinerary
Once upon a time in Naples… the first PIZZA was created!

The Enogastronomic Itinerary

In the mood for a real brick oven pizza? What are you waiting for? There are thousands of great pizzerias all over the world but the birthplace of this culinary masterpiece is Naples!

A pizza fact…

The very first Pizza was baked in southern Italy more than 400 years ago, to give a different “twist” to traditional bread: it was made of bread dough, garlic, lard and salt. Only in the mid 1800’s did Naples create the “modern pizza” with tomato and mozzarella.

Do you know how the famous “pizza margherita” got its name? In 1889, while visiting Naples, the King of Italy Umberto I and his wife Queen Margherita were presented a pizza with a touch of tomato sauce, mozzarella and oregano to symbolize the Italian flag. The Queen loved it so much that, to this day, the pizza bears her name.

Next time you’re  in Italy, enjoy a “real” Neapolitan pizza!

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