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Accommodation in Italy – 2

Rural Cottages and Farmhouses are available for vacation rental for tTuscany, Badia a Passignanohose seeking holidays in harmony with nature.

For information:
Agriturist –
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 101 00186 Roma – ITALY
Terranostra –
Via XXIV Maggio 43 – 00187 Roma – ITALY
Turismo Verde –
Via Mariano Fortuny 20 – 00196 Roma – ITALY


Camping is very popular in Italy and over 1,700 official camping sites are now in full operation. Nominal fees are charged per person on a daily basis. Local tourist boards and provincial tourist offices in Italy can be consulted for suggestions on the most suitable camping sites in their vicinities.

Full details on the official camping sites in Italy are also outlined in the publication “Campeggi in Italia” published by the Touring Club Italiano

Corso Italia, 10 – 20122 Milano – ITALY

A Complete list of camping sites with location map is issued free by the Federazione Italiana del Campeggio e del Caravanning (Federcampeggio) and copies are available from this office or directly from
Federcampeggio –
Via Vittorio Emanuele 11
50041 Calenzano (Florence) – ITALY
There is also a book, “Guida Camping d’ltalia,” published by Federcampeggio and which is, at times, available from this office.


Italian Camping Association –
FAITA (Federazione delle Associazioni Italiane dei Complessi Turistico-Ricettivi dell’Aria Aperta)


The Club Alpino Italiano –
Via E. Fonseca Pimentel 7 – 20127 Milano – ITALY
owns about 600 huts in the mountain districts and publishes yearly a book with a map and information on access, equipment and tariffs for each one according to grade.



Touring Club Italiano –
Corso Italia, 10 – 20122 Milano – ITALY
publishes several volumes giving detailed mountain itineraries and excursion information that includes the huts on the itineraries.


accomod2Youth Hostels
The Italian Youth Hostels Association –
A.I.G. (Associazione Italiana Alberghi per la Gioventù)
Via Cavour 44, 00184 Rome – ITALY
There are over 100 hostels and accommodations open in Italy and they are available to anyone holding an International Youth Hostelling membership card. Please note that anyone can become a member of the association. There are no age limit.



accomod2Student Accommodation
Student hostels exist in many Italian towns and are available not only to students taking courses but, when available, also to students visiting the country for holiday purposes. Application should be made to “Casa dello Studente” in the following towns: Bari, Bologna, Camerino, Catania, Ferrara, Florence, Genoa, Messina, Macerata, Modena, Milan, Naples, Parma, Pavia, Perugia, Pisa, Rome, Salerno, Sassari, Siena, Urbino and Casa Fusinato, Via Marzolo, Padova; Casa del Goliardo, Palermo; Foresteria dell’Istituto di Ca’Foscari, Venice. The “Guide for Foreign Students” giving detailed information on student hostels and other student facilities can be obtained by applying to:
The Italian Ministry of Education Viale Trastevere, 00153 Rome – Italy.
Other useful addresses:
Centro Turistico Studentesco (CTS)
Via Nazionale 66, 00184 Rome – ITALY
Centro Turistico Giovanile (CTG)
Via della Pigna 13/a, 00100 Rome – ITALY

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