This exhibit details the history of Italy's travel posters from the beginning of the 1900's to its peak in the 1960's,  which could be considered the golden age of poster art.

ENIT - The Italian National Tourist Board, was founded in 1919 with the purpose of promoting Italy and its varied travel offerings throughout the world. To accomplish this mission ENIT would produce hundreds of thousands of brochures, postcards and posters.

ENIT's posters - often produced in collaboration with Ferrovie dello Stato (the Italian Railroad Systems) - were designed to be easily customized in different languages for foreign markets and effectively became the first large-scale and long-term advertising campaign implemented by the Italian Government Tourist Board.

The graphics, the typography, the illustrations evolve and bear witness to the different decades, historical periods and political scenarios.  What remains constant is the emotional impact that these iconic posters had on the viewers of the time and indeed continue to have in the present day.

While these posters have come to represent Italy’s collective memory they remain absolutely relevant to the country’s present and future. They are indeed classic and evergreen just like the beautiful destinations they depict.

Standing in front of them the mind lazily starts to wander off to those evocative spots already visited or on everybody’s bucket list: the sky-high spires of the Duomo in Milan, the majesty of the Italian Alps, Bologna and its towers, the art towns big and small, the hills of Tuscany and Umbria, the romantic lakes, the Amalfi Coast, Imperial Rome…the seaside resorts, the islands, the history, the music, the food, the people. Ah, to be in Italy right now!