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Natural Parks

Are you planning a trip to one of Italy's "natural" attractions?
Surprisingly, Italy can offer many protected natural areas and National Parks that are definitely worth a visit. Imagine peaceful lakes located high up in the mountains, or the prosperous marine life along the coasts, with an opportunity to spot rare animals that live freely in the undiscovered regions; or imagine a walk in one of the less renowned rural villages located deep in the heart of the country, or within slightly populated islands.The Italian physical e
nvironment offers the perfect settings for all kinds of holidays, from tranquil camp-site activity to the more challenging trekking itineraries. You will be able to discover by your own the many resources available in the different parks, or take advantage of guided tours to explore the most beautiful natural places accessible in each region.About 10% of the Italian territory is protected by state and regional laws.

The purpose of environmental legislation has always been the preservation of the environment for public appreciation and enjoyment of present and future generations. The regular management of the ecosystem has made possible the full conservation of air, land, water, minerals, animals and plants.In Italy are currently available 20 National Parks (4 new areas will soon be established), and more than 130 Regional Parks that are part of the national system of protected areas. In addition, the Italian peninsula is scattered with National Reserve areas (some 150 territories protected by state laws), Regional Reserves (a total of 270 valuable areas protected by regional laws), and 16 Marine Reserves.



Aosta Valley and Piedmont

Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso


Parco Nazionale della Val Grande

Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio


Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi


Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre

Emilia Romagna and Tuscany

Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna


Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano

The Marches and Umbria

Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini

The Marches, Latium and Abruzzo

Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga


Parco Nazionale del Circeo


Parco Nazionale della Majella

Abruzzo, Latium and Molise

Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise


Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano


Parco Nazionale del Gargano

Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte

Parco Nazionale della Calabria

Parco Nazionale del Pollino


Parco dell'Etna 

Parco dei Nebrodi 

Parco dell'Alcantara


Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago della Maddalena  

Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara

Parco Nazionale del Gennargentu e Golfo di Orosei

For more information:
FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA PARCHI E RISERVE NATURALI (Italian Natural Parks and Reserves Federation)

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