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Newsletter N. 4   May 10th, 2013


  BookHouse 2013

A unique "library" exhibit at Catanzaro’s Marca Museum

Catanzaro, May 4th - May 10th, 2013


For the second consecutive year, Catanzaro’s MARCA Museum hosts BookHouse, a rather innovative book exhibit in Booksthe digital age. With installations, canvases and multimedia works by more than 70 artists the event is not only a visual experience, but one in which the book becomes the artistic element and the vehicle for super-literary content, able to tell tales and touch hearts at the same time. This library is particularly rich in images, turning each and every nook and cranny of the MARCA into a piece of a singular project with a sophisticated-scientific approach. For the first time in an Italian public space, the book does not undergo the classic literary analysis, but rather becomes the occasion to present a vast collective on contemporary art, as well as the foundation for paintings, sculptures and installation works. The exhibition runs in strict correlation with the International Book Fair of Torino (Salone del Libro di Torino) and the Frankfurt Book Fair, with collateral initiatives around Catanzaro aimed to further animate and integrate with BookHouse 2013, from workshops to didactic labs, seminars, encounters, conferences and screenings.


The ten-year anniversary of Liguria’s favorite wine celebration!

Camogli, May 19th & 20th, 2013


An event that has by now become an old classic for the Region of Liguria, Vinidimare ("Wines by the Sea") takes place again this year on May 19 and 20. Visitors should expect a few innovations for this tenth edition, as well as a few very special offerings in the restaurants and museums of Camogli (May 19th). The most interesting itineraries through the seaside village will take visitors on an exclusive museum guided tour, and welcome them to a music-filled aperitivo. Local restaurants will create a special menu for the event, paired with wine tastings led by the Sommelier AIS Group. The dinner is a collaboration with wine producers from Liguria.


 Discovering Puglia

A number of occasions to explore beautiful Puglia

Gargano, until June 2013


Following the success of last summer's Open Days, the Region of Apulia's Department of Tourism, along with the Pugliapromozione Regional Board, presents Discovering Puglia: Exploring and Experiencing Apulia Year-Round. More than 600 activities, divided by region, are on offer every weekend, grouped in the following categories: Art and Culture; Nature and Athletics; Rites and Traditions; Country Life and Cuisine. The initiatives cover the whole region: from Gargano and the Daunia to Imperial Apulia, to Bari and the coast to the Itria Valley, and on to Salento, the Murgia Plateau, Magna Graecia and the Gravine.
The program is rich in experiences that span visits to monuments, theatrical incursions, creative workshops and environmental education. Not to mention park itineraries, speleological excursions, pizzica dance lessons, local food & wine tastings (in wineries and farmhouses) to learn about the most hidden, and yet most authentic, of Apulia’s traditions and customs.

  From Orvieto to Bolsena

A path between the Etruscans and the Romans

Orvieto-Bolsena, April 23rd –Nov 3rd, 2013


"From Orvieto to Bolsena: a path between the Etruscans and the Romans" traces through more than a millennium of the history of the Etruscan city-state of Velzna, in the Orvieto area, and its fall into Roman hands following a long siege, with the subsequent displacement of the survivors to Volsinii, above Lake Bolsena. The exhibition displays many items found along the large archeological landscaped area between the green Umbria and one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy as well as many treasures on loan from the Vatican Museums and the National Archaeological Museum of Florence.


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