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ITALY NEWS # 96 - August 26th, 2009

Verdi Festival

Parma - October 1st - October 28th, 2009


As tradition dictates, Parma celebrates Maestro Verdiís birthday with a rich calendar of cultural and music events. The days vibrate with music, opera, conferences and readings from the masterpieces of literature, which inspired the opera libretti, exhibitions and art installations all take place in the city and its splendid surroundings known as "The Land of Verdi". During the Festival, the city of Parma celebrates for a whole month!


MITO International Music Festival

Milano/Torino - September 3rd - September 24th, 2009


Over the years, the Mito Music Festival has acquired international fame. Held in Milano and Torino, as well as many additional smaller towns, the Festival features more than 200 events nearly 24 hours a day, more than half accessible free of charge: from contemporary music and baroque to ethnic contaminations. The event has helped to create a renewed feeling of faith, development and bonds of friendship between the cities of Milano and Torino.

Humor in Art

Tolentino (MC)- July 11th - October 25th, 2009


The world of the comic is often directed at children and their games, in order to illustrate the world of adults. In recent years the world of Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy, with their unforgettable domestic-philosophical view on the adult world became famous, just like the Simpsons - a mixture of irony, cruelty and the everyday nature of urban life. With 52 countries in attendance, the Biennale offers an array of artistic expressions of humor, satire and caricature from all over the world.


Umbria Music Festival

Umbria (different locations) - September 12th - September 25th, 2009


The "Sagra Musicale Umbra" is one of Umbriaís most important cultural events. Ever since its inception in 1937, the famous Umbrian Festival has always identified in the image of Saint Cecilia a recognizable symbol of its vocation for presenting concerts of sacred music. Having reached its 64th edition, it seemed only right that the Festival should celebrate the Roman martyr who has inspired so many great composers to write a plethora of such remarkable works.



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