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ITALY NEWS # 95 - August 19th, 2009

Festival of the Nations

Citta' di Castello - (PG) - August 26th - September 5th, 2009


The 42nd edition of the Festival delle Nazioni pays homage to Great Britain. From the Renaissance to the present, Great Britain has included in its music tradition musical experiences from all over the world and it remains one of the countries that  highly values music in the education of its citizens. This year the program offers several shows in some of the most important spots of the High Tiber Valley, in the heart of the beautiful region of Umbria.


Biennale Venezia Cinema

Venezia - September 2nd/12th, 2009


Once again the Mostra Internazionale del Cinema of Venice is focusing on Italian film production with an enquiring glance at the more unusual pieces of arts cinema with the aim to detail its richness and eccentricity. "Questi fantasmi 2: cinema italiano ritrovato" is a fascinating retrospective of thirty works produced between the 40s and the 80s. To mark the upcoming season of cultural events, La Biennale di Venezia Foundation is reissuing its Biennale Card.

Festival of the Mind

Sarzana - (SP) - September 4th/6th, 2009


After a successful 2008 edition, attended by a total audience of 34,000, the Festival della Mente, directed by Giulia Cogoli, will hold its 6th edition from Sept. 4-6, 2009 in Sarzana, a splendid medieval hamlet in Liguria. The Festival della Mente invites all participants to share in this project by contributing a talk, a performance, a frontal lecture, or a new and original workshop. All participants, in other terms, come here to tell not only what, but first and foremost how and why.


Santa Rosa Machine

Viterbo - September 3rd, 2009


Every year Viterbo celebrates Santa Rosa, its patron saint. The main event and pride of the city is the Trasporto (Transport) in which 100 porters parade the Machine - a construction assembled over the course of a few weeks before the celebration that reaches 28 meters in height and weighs over 1000 pounds through the small streets of the historic center and hoist it up a steep hill to the Monastery of San Damiano dedicated to Santa Rosa.



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