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ITALY NEWS # 85 - May 1st, 2009

        Imperial Painter

Firenze - March 10th - June 21st, 2009

The fifth edition of "A Year in Art" in Firenze will open with an exhibition dedicated to Pietro Benvenuti. Portraitist, Tuscan maximum exponent of classicism, is the lead Accademia di Belle Arti in Firenze since 1807, has documented in his work life at court and aristocracy of the time. This exhibition illustrates Benvenuti’s artistic history, presents his most important works, and compares them with those of his early teachers, and those by Italian and foreign artists, encountered in Roma in the eccentric and experimental Accademia dei Pensieri.



 Milano - 29th April - 27th September, 2009



The Milano exhibition explores the formative influence of Japanese art on the famous Impressionist master, focusing on the famous Water Lilies series of paintings created between 1900 and 1923. The perfect fusion between Japan and Monet's skillful art can be admired on 20 large paintings from the Parisian Marmottan Museum, and includes 60 Japanese prints from the Musée Guimet in Paris as well as a selection of 19th-century photographs of Japanese gardens.

       Mille Miglia

           Taormina Film Festival

Taormina - June 13th - June 20th, 2009 


The Taormina Film Fest in Sicily, Italy's premier summer festival, celebrates its 55th anniversary from June 13th to 20th with a new name and a radical change of direction. With the aim of offering festival access to audiences around Sicily, finding extra screening space for its shows, increasing its impact in Sicily, offering a wide range of media stories and increasing tourism in the entire region, from this year the festival becomes the Taormina Film Fest in Sicily.



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