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ITALY NEWS # 82 - April 9th, 2009


Bologna - April 21th -  March 30th, 2009

Thirty youth works by Guercino, so nicknamed because squint, an artist who still proved to be a young talent for the period. Many of the works presented, the frescoes are torn from Casa Pannini at Cento, and Guercino realized that the age of twenty years, in addition to the famous Madonna Della Ghiara, The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine, and Rinaldo Corradino straddle a mule, the Madonna Del Passero and Sibyl.



Rome - April 8th - July 5th, 2009

An extraordinary exhibition, perhaps the most comprehensive devoted to Fra Angelico in recent years, at the conclusion of the celebrations for the 550th anniversary of his death. Precious works from the most important Italian and foreign museums, some of which have never been exposed in the past, documenting the work of painter brother, maximum between Italian artist Masaccio and Piero della Francesca that brought Italian art in the transition from medieval to early Renaissance.



Naples - March 29th - July 5th, 2009

Over two hundred works on display by Vincenzo Gemito, one of Italian artists active in Naples between 1868 and 1929. It 'was one of the protagonists of European art from the nineteenth and twentieth century. Sculptor, goldsmith and designer, his work belongs to the iconographic national heritage but to date have been devoted to rare exhibitions. Youth works and drawings show the classic spirit of the artist who always refused to work for the marble does not deny the pleasure of shaping the material springs.


Milan - February 12th - June 7th, 2009

Milan, on the occasion of the centenary of the futurist movement, hosts an exhibition dedicated solely to the work of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the father of the new course of Italian art, the current that has marked a profound change in society and culture of the early '900. One of the artistic and literary phenomena most important in Italy and in Europe that involved political, costume, moral, scientific progress.



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