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 Italy News #7 - March 26, 2007

Il fascino del bello”  exhibit - Rome


Rome, Vittoriano  -   Through May 20, 2007



il discorso del Presidente della RepubblicaThe exhibit, promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, features works of art from the Terrazzi collection. On display are about 250 paintings from the XIV to the XX century, 120 pieces of furnishings and more than 150 silver, porcelain and majolica objects. The contemporary section highlights works by Fontana, De Chirico, Savinio, Severini, Guttuso, Boldini, Balla and Kandisky.


Marche Region remembers Lorenzo Lotto


Recanati,  Jesi,  Ancona, Loreto,  Cingoli,  Mogliano,  Monte San Giusto,  Recanati - Lorenzo Lotto - S. Giacomo Pellegrino

April 2007


A celebration of the 450th anniversary of the artist’s death, this exhibit is hosted in seven different sites and includes a series of meetings and discussions about the painter’s work, which offer a valuable contribution to understanding Lotto through a process of reinterpretation, research and further study of the paintings created for the Marche territory. Lotto’s works reflect the high quality of the painter’s work, characterized by an exceptional freshness, both in the use of colors and expression.

Homage to artists of the XX Century


Exibition poster pdfRieti, Palazzo Potenziani - Through May 6, 2007


The exhibit “From De Chirico to Warhol”, promoted by the Varrone Foundation, includes about 50 works by some of contemporary art’s most important artists and features paintings by De Chirico, Fontana, Besozzi, Ricasso, Rotella and Warhol. This showcase on modernism of the XX century aims at depicting the movement as a cultural enhancer rather than the culprit of the fracture with pictorial art from the past.







   Exibition poster

 Wall walks reopen at Castelvecchio Museum in Verona


Verona, Castello Scaligero, Castelvecchio Museum - Through October 30, 2007


For the reopening of the patrol wall walks in the Castello Scaligero, contemporary German artist Herbert Hamak created a sculpture composed of a series of 18 planks, each 4 meters in length, positioned over the castle battlement. The creation, of brightly hued blue resin, becomes enmeshed with the fascinating architectural complex, thus creating wonderful and original light shows. Additional works by the artist are on display within the museum, in Galleria delle Sculture (Gallery of Sculptures).

Piccio. The last of the Romantics


Cremona, Santa Maria della Pietà Cultural Centre - Through June 10, 2007


The exhibit features about 150 paintings, drawings and sketches by Piccio, important artist of the 19th century and a great innovator who anticipated the main artistic movements of the century following his. Among the works on display one can admire Piccio’s sacred paintings, landscapes and portraits of people he observed in Bergamo and Cremona, the cities where he spent his life. These works, on loan from prestigious collections, both in Italy and abroad, convey the charm of this master, also through a comparison with other prominent artists of 19th century Lombardy.


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