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ITALY NEWS # 67 - October 28, 2008

Belle Epoque, Art in Italy. 1880 - 1915

Pavia - 6th September - 14th December, 2008

The Scuderie are placed in the beautiful setting of the Visconti Castle in Pavia, a fourteenth-century princely palace commissioned by Galeazzo Visconti II. The internal fronts of the castle are one of the most particular manifestations of Gothic Lombard architecture. A cylindrical colonnade sets up the porch; the columns' crosiers and the arched lintels, made of angera stone, stand out against the red of the brick. From the end of the Second World War the Castle is the seat of the Civic Museums of Pavia: the visit itinerary is settled in the fresco painted halls of the Castle and allows knowing the artistic history of Pavia.

Julio Cesar , Man, Feast and Myth

Roma - 23rd October 2008 – 3rd May 2009

Finally, the leading protagonists of Roman history are in Rome! The Chiostro del Bramante inaugurates a grand season in its already well-known expository showings. For the first time ever, in the suggestive surroundings attributable to the genius of the great Urbinate architect, a show expressly dedicated to the image of the first absolute protagonist of ancient Rome has been elaborated. On G. Julius Caesar (around 100-44 b.c.), the first “dictator”, the undisputed artisan of the greatness of the future Roman Empire – of which, not by chance, his adopted son Octavianus, first “Augustus Caesar”, would become prince, historical accounts are abundant with information, from the time he appeared on the political stage of Urbe and to later, as the fearless commander of the Roman army, with which he enjoyed sensational victories and new territorial annexations greatly expanding Roman control of the Mediterranean area.


    Motor Show

Bologna - 5th/14th December, 2008


The passion for engines has been turned back on: the thirty-third edition of the Bologna Motor Show is just seventy days away; the International Italian Automobile Exhibition which will be held in the Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre from 5th to 14th December 2008. The 2008 Motor Show will open on 3 and 4 December, the first date entirely dedicated to the press, the second to the press and trade professionals, to then open to the public on 5th December. The 2008 Motor Show is part of the OICA calendar (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles) which unites the leading automobile exhibitions from around the world and it is the first GL Events-owned Motor Show, a company that is quoted on the Paris Stock Exchange and a top player in organizing international exhibitions, sports and cultural events, in managing exhibition spaces and centers and providing services.


     Truffle Fair

Acqualagna (PU) -  26th October, 1,2,8,9 November, 2008

World-wide Center of the production, the commerce and the tasting of the truffle, Acqualagna recalls every year with its fairs and manifestations, gourmet and gets passionate to you from every part of Italy and Europe. Those who of is greedy sure will have made a pause in the many restaurants where it can be tasted in all its varying fantasies. In correspondence of the periods of collection of the various varieties of product, in the citizen three important are carried out manifestations: National fair of the Truffle White man (fine October - November) black regional Fair of Truffle valuable (penultimate Sunday of February) regional Fair of summery black Truffle (14 and 15 August).


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