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ITALY NEWS # 64 - September 29, 2008

     Verdi Opera Festival

Parma - 1/28 October, 2008 


Around 10th October, the Maestro's birthday, when the city and it's surroundings steeped in the autumnal colors and scents of the Verdi homeland, deeply touch our collective imagination, this is the moment when the festival comes to life: the days vibrate with music, opera and listening guides comparing singers from the present and the glorious past, conferences, readings from the masterpieces of literature which inspired the opera libretti, exhibitions, shows, a range of productions catering for every level of musical expertise, theatre, dance and avant-garde visual arts. The Festival is set in the theatres, opera-houses and most picturesque locations in Parma and land of Verdi.


Giovanna D'Arco Rigoletto Il Corsaro


    Giovanni Bellini

78th International White Truffle Fair 

Alba - 4th October/9 November, 2008



Alba White Truffle World Market combines hounds, truffle hunters and selected purchasers, and represents the heart of trifola – the white truffle name in Langa - worldwide. In one place, trifolao and traders are together, aiming at quality – the truffle certification. Yes, that’s it – the Tuber Magnatum Pico sold in Alba is analyzed and guaranteed against defects. Consumers are protected by the "Commissione di controllo" (Commission responsible for checking the truffles), which is actively present on the market through its representatives who refer to the stated rules of "Carta della Qualità del Tuber Magnatum Pico", the quality charter in four languages drafted by "Centro Nazionale Studi Tartufo" (National Centre for Truffle Studies), the most qualified centre for the analysis and the valorisation of truffles.



                                         Trieste - 12th October, 2008

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