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ITALY NEWS # 61 - September 8, 2008


In the National Gallery rooms of the Pilotta Palace and in Farnese Theatre, there will be the exhibition of en ensemble of some of Correggio’s most important works, which are today “transportable” and that are exhibited in the most renowned museums of the world.
A superb exhibition which is part of a very thrilling path aimed at admiring –concentrated within a few hundreds meters radius surrounding the show - the three most representative Correggio’s masterpieces: the sumptuous fresco cycles in the Dome of the Cathedral, the ones in the two cupolas of St. John Evangelist Monastery and the peerless  ensemble represented by the decoration of the Abbess Room in St. Paul. There will be the possibility to go up to the Dome of the Cathedral and to the cupola of St. John thanks to some special structures especially prepared for this occasion, which will offer the possibility to closely admire these two extraordinary masterpieces.


Trento, Buonconsiglio Castle - 5 July - 2 November  2008


With this temporary exhibit, the museum presents to the public a significant part of this vast collection, centered on the print work by Rembrandt. Tireless experimenter, careful investigator of the human soul, Rembrandt is one of the most important Dutch masters, already acclaimed by his contemporaries for the extraordinary newness of his print work, more so than his pictorial work.
The proposed expository route presents the greatness of the artist not only through his own etchings, but also in comparison to other Flemish, Dutch and Italian masters who were working during those same years, to artists that interpreted in print Rembrandt’s paintings, and to others that copied his prints, even on request by refined collectors.


   Etruscans, The Ancient Cities of Lazio


The exhibition brings together a selection of works by Robert Rauschenberg from the series "Cardboards", "Venetians", "Early Egyptians", "Hoarfrosts" and "Jammers". Those works were created between 1970 and 1976 in Israel, France, Italy, India and reflect Rauschenberg‘s great interest about foreign cultures. On its third stage, after Porto and Monaco, Napoli hosts the exhibition from October 22, on the artist’s birthday. The organization of this great international project, edited by Mirta Di Argenzio, is by the Fundação de Serralves, Museu de Arte Contemporânea Porto and co-produced by the Haus der Kunst and the Museum of Contemporary Art Woman Queen of Naples.




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