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 Italy News #6 - March 19, 2007

Evolution - Naples

Evolution; Ripercorrendo l'Odissea della Vita
Citta' della Scienza
September 2007

Who are we? Which are our starting and ending points in the course of life? What are the answers that current evolutional research can give to the fundamental questions about the significance of the human being – questions that are formulated by religion, philosophy and literature from all cultures?  The exhibit “Evoluzione. Ripercorrendo l’odissea della vita” (“Evolution.  Retracing the odyssey of life”) offers fascinating insight from the research field and describes the effects of evolution on humanity, society and life on our planet.  From an evolutional point of view, all organisms on Earth have a “pedigree” in common and a long evolutional history.  But how did the development of life begin, starting from primordial bacteria that must have appeared on this Earth about 3.8 billion years ago?  Today evolutional biologists use sophisticated methods to reconstruct these paths of development in order to find explanations for the diversity of life, of which humanity plays part.

Piero della Francesca - Arezzo

Arezzo - Museo Statale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

March 31 - July 22 2007

The exhibition presents over 100 precious works from the masterpieces of the maestro, brought from all over to his own native region, together with the works of artists who influenced him or learnt from him, among them Veneziano, Fra'Carnevale, Pisanello, Alberti, da Ferrara, Bellini and Uccello. Side by side with some important masterpieces of the great artist, there are paintings, ancient manuscripts, designs, gold work, medals, sculptures and bronzes by some of his important contemporaries. Piero felt a close tie to his native lands, where he returned several times and left some of his most important masterpieces. The itinerary will take visitors in quest of tokens of the art of Piero not only in Arezzo Bacci chapel, church of San Francesco to marvel at the sequence of frescoes representing the Legend of the True Cross, unanimously considered his finest work: but they will also admire a countryside which has remained unchanged throughout.

Mostra Amedeo Bocchi - Parma


Parma - Palazzo Pigorini

Until May 27, 2007

 There are 133 works that the inheritors of Amedeo Bocchi have donated to the Monte di Parma Foundation for the ancient rooms of the museum in the Sanvitale Palace dedicated in his name, as he would have certainly desired. The donation comprises works executed during the painter’s entire creative period with every base and genre, including sculptures. Among the subjects, the most dear to Bocchi: his daughter Bianca (dead at just 34 years old), family, landscapes, human figures and religious themes. The exposition consists of four rooms : portraits of his daughter, studies for the decoration of the Council Room in the main office of the Parma Savings Bank, preparatory drawings for paintings and frescoes planned for Rome, some objects from the artist’s studio and two large paintings from his late period: The Baptism in 1938-40 and The Rest in 1967

Silvestro Lega - Forli

Silvestro Lega - Forli

Complesso Museale San Domenico

Until June 24th, 2007

Silvestro Lega is an Italian painter who belonged to the Macchiaioli movement. He was born in Modigliana in 1826 and died in Florence at age 69. He was considered one of the best Italian painter of the 1nineteenth century together with Giovanni Fattori. He was a realistic painter, he loved landscapes and life and through his paintings he managed to represent the atmosphere of his time. The collection includes sixty works by Lega and many of the best works by Signorini, Ciseri, Banti, Borrani, Abbati, Cecioni, Cabianca, Induno and Zandomeneghi. The Scientific Committee has produced an original exhibition, giving visitors the possibility to compare Lega's style with that of the Macchiaioli movement and of fifteenth century paintings, paying particular attention to Angelico, Ghirlandaio, Sandro Botticelli, Filippo Lippi and Paolo Uccello.


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