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ITALY NEWS # 53 - May 21th, 2008


Rome – Il Vittoriano - Until June 29th


Until June 29th the Complesso del Vittoriano will host approximately 130 works of one of the greatest Impressionist artists, Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The exhibition which welcomes paintings and sculptures coming from important public museums and prestigious private collections is inspired by a trip the French painter took to Italy between November 1881 and January 1882; an experience that contributed to redefine the artists’ style. The event intends to highlight the painter’s subjects and heterogeneous approach.


Ravenna  - from June 13th to July 19th 2008

The 19th edition of the Festival is centered on women figures in myth and art. The opening event could only stage one of the most popular and beloved heroines of the opera repertoire, Violetta Valéry, the protagonist of La Traviata. The feminine declension of the Festival theme will give new life to a series of exceptional women, either famous or less renowned: from Rosvita, a "playwriting" nun of year 1000, to Anita Garibaldi, and Juliette Greco. The program also includes jazz, cinema, painting and musicals.



Florence - San Galgano Abbey - Barberino di Mugello - Montevarchi

June 13th – August 3rd 2008


The Opera Festival is presented again to the public with a full and rich calendar, with both classic and modern operas, passing through four prestigious and famous locations in Tuscany. From the magnificent Boboli Gardens of Pitti Palace in Florence to the ruins of the gothic Abbey in San Galgano, in the province of Siena, from the Medici Villa of Cafaggiolo to Barberino of Mugello to the historic Varchi Square of Montevarchi. This year the melodrama embraces musicals, with the original production of “Cats” a notable performance and loved world wide, it has been duplicated with a timeless success since 1981.


Pennabilli (PU) - May 29th to June 2nd 2008


Born in 1997, the festival of Street artists has become an international event. During the five-day festival, all the streets of Pennabilli medieval center will become stages for Italian and International artists, more than 50 companies are coming from all over the world. Only performances that require set designs are performed on stage at the Victoria Theatre. Musicians, mimes, clowns and many other characters will reunite with the intent to incite the public’s curiosity, to amuse and astonish them according to the ancient medieval tradition.



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