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ITALY NEWS # 50 - April 21th, 2008


Colosseum - Rome - Until September 14th 2008


At the Colosseum the bas-reliefs, bronzes, coins, sculptures and paintings are on display aiming to get the concept of ‘Roman victories’ across to the public by telling us about the ceremonies and festivities surrounding the historic big battles. The first section of the exhibition relates to victories and their development, from the Etruscan to the Hellenistic worlds; the second section shows images of illustrious victors and the illustrious defeated - among which Caesar, Pompeius and Octavian - and reproduces battle scenes. The last section is devoted to conquered peoples: the Greeks, the Judeans, the Dacians and the Barbarians.


Sant'Elia Palace - Palermo - May 18th to September 14th 2008


This event will be one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to Spanish artists’ in the last few decades. Espana 1957-2007 commenced in 1957 with the constitution of the El Paso group who, in the panorama of 20th century Spanish art, represents the passage from modern to contemporary. Taking 1957 as the departure point for a radical change in Spanish art, the exhibition includes works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Mirò, Salvador Dalì, artists whose developing work and style continued to represent a reference point for successive generations.


Duomo - Prato



One of the greatest masterpieces of the Renaissance, the cycle of wall paintings by Filippo Lippi in the main chapel of the Duomo of Prato (which, according to Vasari, constitutes “the most excellent of all his works”), with the completion of long conservation and restoration work, returns to thrill visitors with its harmony of colors and the equilibrium of its complex scenes, recovering lightness and volume to the figures and transparence and luminosity to the colors. Prato is the only city in the world that can claim to have the richest, most important body of works by Filippo Lippi, one of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance.


Lucca – Until December 2008


An international event of resonance to celebrate the 150 years of the birth of one of the best known composers in the world. A calendar rich of events, concerts, conferences, shows which will run until the end of the year, with the intent to give tribute to the artist and to present to the public the beauty of his home land.  Puccini’s reputation as a well known artist, which is renewed from one theatre to another, from Europe to the United States to South America, would constantly bring his cultural and artistic Italian tradition.  This event in honor to remember Puccini’s musical legacy, has the intent to involve the whole country.


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