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 Italy News #5 - March 12, 2007

Domenico Baccarini - Ravenna

Domenico Baccarini

Museo d'Arte della Citta' di Ravenna

Until June 3rd, 2007

Un'opera di Baccarini, dal bel segno art nouveau

In honor of the centenary of his death the MAR Museum organized a retrospective dedicated to Domenico Baccarini, an extraordinarily talented artist who died at the early age of 24. The exhibition documents this Faenza artist’s precocious activity with aover 100 works, including paintings, drawings and sculptures. Between symbolism and art nouveau, Baccarini’s work passes through the great artistic currents of the early 20th century, with inflexions close to Segantini’s divisionism and with extremely modern accents that almost preannounce the chromatic elaborations of Severini, Balla and Boccioni. 

Pesto Championship - Genoa

Pesto Championship

Palazzo Ducale

March 17, 2007


Genoese Pesto has become the second sauce used worldwide to dress and season pasta. New recipes are widening its use , which is no longer limited to our national dish. It is strongly associated with Genoa and with Liguria and it is a wonderful promoter of image, however, the more widespread its consumption becomes in the world, with the inevitable contaminations, the more opportune it becomes to focalize the leadership for quality in Genoa. This is how the idea came about to organize a two-yearly appointment – in the form of a competition- among the true enthusiasts of the real Genoese Pesto produced, as tradition requires, in a mortar. We would like to emphasize the uniqueness of Genoese Pesto so that there always remains the memory of its origins and that its quality is always pursued through respect of the tradition.

The Most Fascinating Parks and Gardens - Italy

Parks and Gardens of Italy

March 24 - April 1, 2007


Those who do not content themselves with lazing on the beach and basking in the summer sun but would like, even for just a day, to immerge themselves in a green world combining art, nature and culture, perhaps do not know that just a short way away from the major summer holiday locations they can find marvellous historical or modern gardens to visit. A way of fleeing from the heat, confusion and exuberance of tourist localities – or simply a way of spending a holiday day a little differently. Month by month, the calendar of events taking place at the group's individual properties. Ranging from concerts, botanical shows and nursery-gardening trade fairs to poetry readings. Yet another reason to visit one of our splendid gardens.

The City Card - Trieste

T ForYou

The City of Trieste

Year - round

The T for You card 2007 offers 12 full months of cultural and artistic opportunitites to discover the charms of this splendid city; the history and culture, the architecture and natural beauty, the wines, culinary delights and traditions, the rich schedule of shows and events. The T for You card 2007 is strictly personal, valid seven days, 24 to 48 hours. Services include admission to public and civic museums, public transportation, sightseeing venues, other landmarks on the Trieste by Bus coach and much more... A city rich in Italian and Austrian culture, it is a feast for the eyes. A little jewel of a town, crowned by the wonderful Miramare Castle!

Easter in Sicily

"Li Schietti" Festival

Terrasini, Palermo

April 7 - 8, 2007

This festival dates back to the time of the Saracens: During the event, young unmarried men, the “schietti” - face off in an orange tree lifting competition. The tree is cut during a ceremony on Holy Saturday. It is then decorated with colored ribbons, scarves and little bells and it is carried to town by people who sing and play music. The competition is held on Easter Sunday. In the past, each competitor dedicated his efforts to his beloved. The young “schietti” wear typical costumes worn by ancient people of the Agrigento area of Sicily.

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