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ITALY NEWS # 48 - April 4nd, 2008


Milano - From March 5th to June 29th, 2008


Palazzo Reale accommodates sixty works of one of the most well-known and tormented contemporary English artists. A great occasion to admire some of the last works of Bacon which  have never been displayed in Italy before, this is a full overview of his artistic career, ranging from the earliest paintings dating back to the ‘30s, revealing how Bacon was still in search of his personal language. The masterpieces of Bacon, rich of tension, witnesses of an inner drama of the sense of life are intense and exciting, allusive and symbolic and express with large force individual feelings and discomforts of the modern man.


Firenze - From March 4th to December 31st, 2008

The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza holds an exhibition on Galileo’s telescope and the observations he made with it. The displays will consist of rare and precious instruments (among them the objective and the only two existing telescopes by Galileo), manuscripts and ancient books. Comprehension of optical and astronomical principles will be facilitated by interactive exhibits and multimedia. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience through their own eyes the extraordinary Galileo’s experience.



Roma - Until April 6th, 2008


Pier Pander works enter a pure classicism. The symbolic nude monuments masculine and feminine, Alba, Emozione, Pensiero, Coraggio, Forza, exposed at the Anderson Museum, represent a sort of project which the sculptor shares the dreams of Hendrik C. Andersen.   The exhibition documents significantly the expressive vitality and aspects of the artists activities from low-reliefs to the allegorical sculptures to everything round. Pander, settled in Rome since 1890, opened a home which became a meeting point for artists, writers and Dutch travelers.


Torino - Until June 15th, 2008

For the first time, the works of Canaletto and Bellotto will be displayed side by side, allowing an immediate comparison of styles, techniques and composition. The show is dedicated to the artistic relationship between the two great Masters, one of the most fascinating problems of the history of art in the 18th century. The canvases, which come from European and American public and private collections, will go on show together for the first time, offering an exceptional opportunity for visitors.



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