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ITALY NEWS # 45 - February 12, 2008


Trapani - Through March 14, 2008Mostra Caravaggio



A casual glance at an auction catalog led a British art historian on the path to discovering the original brushstrokes of Caravaggio on "I Bari", a painting previously attributed to an anonymous follower of the Baroque master. Caravaggio’s "I Bari" will be first displayed to the public in the Sicilian city of Trapani together with other paintings of the great artist. "I Bari" is an early work by Caravaggio and shows a young, fresh-faced page being tricked at a card game by two cheaters. The scene is typical of Caravaggio’s revolutionary style of depicting realistic characters and images found in everyday life.



Perugia – Spello  - From February 2 to June 29, 2008



550 years since the birth of Pintoricchio, Perugia honors the artist with an exhibition held at Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria. Here visitors will be able to admire most of the artist’s works and drawings, shown for the first time in one monographic exhibition.  The journey of discovery of the works of this sophisticated master from the Renaissance continues along the places that hold his frescoes, starting from the Baglioni Chapel in the Duomo in Spello, and on to Spoleto, Orvieto, Trevi, Città di Castello and Perugia.

Rome and Brussells: a MAXXI exhibit






Rome - MAXXI - Through March 2, 2008



Through March 9, 2008 CIVA (International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape) in Brussels hosts an exhibit dedicated to the MAXXI in Rome titled “MAXXI Musée Roma: Zaha Hadid Architects” organized by DARC and CIVA, with the support of the Lazio Region and in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels. A multi-artist photographic reportage details the birth of a new museum for contemporary art that works in perfect synergy with similar international centers focused on contemporary art. The exhibit continues through March 2 in the already opened temporary spaces at the MAXXI.



Venice – Through April 20, 2008




The Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum, in collaboration with the Venetian cultural activity agency, has undertaken several research projects to determine the characteristics of the modality adopted by Titian in his last period, known as “pittura a macchia”. The Galleria dell’Accademia in Venice pay homage to this research by showcasing invaluable works attributed to Titian. Thanks to exceptional loans, art lovers will have a chance to enjoy a superb collection from the world’s most important museums. The exhibition is divided into three sections, dedicated to portraits, and the subjects of the sacred and the profane.



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