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ITALY NEWS # 34 - November 2, 2007

The Macchiaioli. Sentimento del Vero

Chiostro del Bramante, Rome - Through February 3, 2008

The exhibition showcases over 100 paintings of the Macchiaioli and sets out to analyze the relationship between these extraordinary artists and the “principles of the real” or “verism” with the purpose of studying the “macchia” which was the expressive modality of the second half of the 19th century to represent reality, period of maximum development of the macchiaioli movement.  The exhibition includes works never seen or rarely showcased to the public, among which masterpieces by Fattori, Signorini, Lega, and Zandomeneghi.

 The Lombards
From the fall of the Empire to the beginning of the nation

Torino - Palazzo Bricherasio - Through 6 January, 2008  

The exhibition documents the period between 400 and 700, from the fall of the Western empire to the consolidation of new states born out of its ruins in an effort to highlight the changes in society initially under Longobard domination and subsequently with a progressive fusion between barbarians and Roman people. The exhibit is divided in several sections: the first on the transformation of the state and aristocracies (layman and religious); the second highlight the changes in living accommodations and daily life; the third describes the militarization of society and the growing importance of defensive buildings; the fourth is focused on death rituals and burial traditions, while the fifth and last documents the myth of the barbarians depicted through modern age works. 

Marca Storica: A new itinerary in the province of Treviso

Province of Treviso

A new eco-museal itinerary is available for all who yearn to visit the territory of the province of Treviso.  Marca Storica is a passage that aims to rediscover any traces of prehistoric life, traveling the ancient Roman roads, admiring the castles, towers, and fortifications of the medieval period.  The ancient ruins and the superbly restored noble residences tell the history of this territory that today, presents itself to the visitor like a widespread, spacious museum. Romaeuropa Festival

 Rome - November 7th – December 15th, 2007

 The Romaeuropa Festival presents an interesting calendar of events, alternating various forms of art such as dance, electronic music and shows of various types, all teaching innovation and modernization. In addition, they are all connected by the common theme of the exchange between different civilizations.  The event will involve different locations inside the city of Rome that will become beautiful sceneries for the occasion representing the program. 


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