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ITALY NEWS # 33 - October 22, 2007

   Canova and La Venere Vincitrice

ROME - Galleria Borghese - Through February 3rd, 2008


The Galleria Borghese, one of the most beautiful villas in the world, is hosting a magnificent exhibition showcasing the brilliant art of Antonio Canova, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of his birth.  This exhibition is the first ever that Rome has dedicated to Canova.  It is also the bicentenary of the universally acclaimed Paolina Bonaparte as Venere Vincitrice.  The aim of this exhibition is to show the complicated relationship between Canova and both Prince Camillo Borghese and the Bonaparte family.  Through a remarkable collection of 50 masterpieces, various traits of Canova can be seen, such as his fascination with ancient times through the repeated images of divine beauty such as Cupid, Apollo and Helena.  His journey though poetry is also evidenced through these figures, while his creative side is evident in the La Paolina.  Amongst this collection of 50 works being exhibited, 16 of the greatest marbles will be on display.

77th Annual International White Truffle Festival

ALBA - Historical Center - Through November 11th, 2007


The small city of Alba in the Region of Piemonte, is world renown for its famous white truffles.    These superior little gems have an unparalleled reputation on the international culinary scene, and they are the center of the annual Truffle Auction, Festival and Market currently taking place in Alba.  The truffle market includes vendors that are mostly small farmers, however some large companies are present as well.  The market offers not only white truffles, but a whole array of truffle related products such as truffle oil, truffle butter, cream, paste, etc. The market lasts through the first weekend of November.  The fair on the other hand acts as a showcase for Piedmontese specialty foods.

 Cinema Rome Film Fest

Rome - Through October 27, 2007


Only in its second edition, the Rome Film Fest has quickly gained international fame thanks to a rich program, which includes the screening of 22 Italian and international premieres. Rome’s Auditorium- Parco della Musica - - is the heart of the RomeFilmFest which hosts, apart from the official screenings, panels, exhibitions and non-cinematographic events. Additional events are held in many Roman landmarks like Via Veneto and Cinecittà.


 White Red & Blues


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