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ITALY NEWS #32 - October 12, 2007

 In Scaena.  “The Theater of Ancient Rome"

Rome, Colosseum - Until February 17th, 2008

This new archaeological exhibit confronts the history of the roman theater in the splendid space of the Colosseum.   The course that was chosen for this exhibition focuses on “icons”, putting together 70 works that explore the complex origins of the Greek theater.  (Greece, in fact, is where theater of the west bears its’ roots.)  The Roman Theater and its evolution, is the test of its success and of its value of festive and metropolitan art.  Exhibits comings from the most important national collections are numerous, among which the Marble Herma of Dioniso (from the National Roman Museum of Palazzo Massimo) and the model of scenery in colored terracotta (from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples).  The Romans completed the theater as well as the theatrical technologies created by the Greeks, in particular the architecture and the stage preparation of the building.

Verdi Festival in Parma

Various Emiliane cities - Until October 28th

Festival VerdiThrough October 28th, there will be a tribute to the great Giuseppe Verdi, celebrated in the month in which the famous Maestro was born.  For the first time, not just Parma and the Regio Theater, but also Busseto, Modena, and Reggio Emilia, with find themselves together at the height of history, culture, and tradition in the land of Verdi with a productive and artistic appointment destined  to call upon call Verdi lovers from all over the world.  The Verdi Festival of 2007 will see Yuri Temirkanov for its sensational verdiano debut, who is one of the most beloved and respected teachers of the world stage.

 Festival of Science

Genoa - From October 25th to November 6th 2007

Beginning from an exponential success, it carried through the course of the years to establish itself as the most long-awaited appointment dedicated to Italian scientific popularization; this year, The Festival of Science of Genoa is dedicated to the key subject of Curiosity.Thirteen days to investigate the last frontiers and the most original discoveries of the contemporary scientific panorama, utilizing and involving the entire area of Liguria in a celebration that stretches across the whole port, the streets, the historic palaces and the museums.  This edition is also rich with content and innovations, confirming the traditional approach between scientific culture and humanistic culture, something that has weakened in hundreds of events (this year over 400), between exhibits, interactive teaching laboratories, photographic and artistic exhibits, lectures, workshops and round tables, theatrical shows, and musical performances. 

 Futurism in Bologna


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