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ITALY NEWS #31 - October 4, 2007

The Future of Futurism

Bergamo - September 21st, 2007 – February 24th, 2008

The exhibition, “The Future of Futurism: From the ‘Italian Revolution’ to contemporary art”, is on display at the GAMeC (the Gallery of Contemporary and Modern Art), in Bergamo.  Around 200 artworks will be featured by 120 artists that exemplify the effect both Futurism and the ‘activist movement’ had on Italy and the development of the arts from the 20th century up until today.  The exhibition will be laid out on a thematic basis, featuring the works of the ‘fathers of Futurism’, such as: Russolo, Boccioni, Carra’, Depero, Balla, and others.  The show will be divided into 9 sections, all offering an extensive selection of exemplary works showcasing examples of creative expression in a new fashion, all related to that of Futurism. 

 America in Brescia Exhibit

Brescia - Museo di Santa Giulia - November 24 2007 – May 4, 2008 

For the first time in Europe, a great exhibition showcases paintings but also history, photography, sculpture, customs and traditions, movies, literature, music to document the rise and development of America in the 19th century. Starting with the romantic dream and the Arcadia by Doughty and Cole, arriving to Sargent’s famous portraits in the XX century, through the beautiful landscapes by the artists of the Hudson River School and the wide vistas of the West, with its Native Americans and cowboys. On display hundreds of masterpieces by Church, Cole, Sargent, Twachtman, Chase, Eakins, Remington, Russell, just to name a few, on loan from America’s most illustrious museums and private collections alike.The exhibition is organized in the following sections: Painters from the Hudson River School; Impressionism in America; Niagara’s Falls; Portraits and Figures from homer to Sargent; Tropical and exotic landscapes; Buffalo Bill; Journey to Italy; Native Americans; Western paintings, landscapes and life scenes; Photography.

Grand Balon Market

Turin – Piazza della Repubblica -Second Sunday of every month – 8:00 am-7:00 pm

The Gran Balon Market, held in Piazza della Repubblica, the heart of Turin, the second Sunday of every month, is a bargain hunter’s paradise, with everything for sale from fine antiques to old tricycles, and everything in between.  On Saturdays the area hosts Il Balon, the antiques market. Every week morning the Piazza comes alive during the traditional Italian market with foods, fruits, vegetables, clothes, and shoes for sale.

Positano Art Festival - The Mark of the Body-Open air theatre


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