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ITALY NEWS #25 - July  31, 2007

Regata storica a Venezia

Venezia - 2 settembre 2007 

The Regata Storica is the most traditional event that takes place in all of Venice, and will take place on September 2nd along the waters of the Grand Canal. Imbarcazioni sul Canal grandeThe celebration, that happened for the first time on January 10th, 1315 during the reign of Giovanni Soranzo, is made up of 2 different moments:  the historic procession and the regattas.  The historical procession, comprised of over 100 boats, re-enacts the arrival of Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus.  She renounced her throne in favor of Venice and so, this signaled the beginning of the power of the Serenissima (Venice) on this island of the Mediterranean.  The competitions that are held are divided into categories:  Young rowers, women, and men.  The most anticipated challenge is that of the 'champions', who us 2 oars on the "gondolini", which are the lighters versions of the gondolas.  It is every participant's dream to win in Canalasso, which is what the residents of Venice call the Grand Canal.  

 Etruschi: la collezione Bonci Casuccini

Siena, Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala

Chiusi, Museo Archeologico Nazionale - Until November 4

In Tuscany, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, the famous collector, Pietro Bonci Casuccini will be remembered.  The event celebrates the gathering of the most distinguished private collections in Italy after 150 years.  The exhibition presents a huge variety of works taken from a selection of over 200 pieces ranging from sarcophaguses, stones, statues, urns, Greek and Etruscan ceramics and bronzes, all that the public can admire every day during the entire duration of the exhibit. 

  Apocalisse a Udine

lllegio (UD) -

Casa delle Esposizioni

Fino al 30 settembre 

It is called "Apocalypse. The last revelation" and it is the exhibit in which the artists of the last millennium interpret the end of the world.  This incredible event is entirely dedicated to the last book of the Bible and is based upon the masterpieces of over 100 internationally renown artists.  The works of the following artists are particularly important: Durer, El Greco, Guido Reni, Salvador Dali and De Chirico.  Above all, these icons are the result of the artistic genius of Novgorod. 

  “Musei d’Estate” a Roma

Roma - Fino al 20 settembre

The Office of Cultural Politics of the City of Rome, in collaboration with the Zčtema Cultural Project, is promoting the event "Museums of Summer. When art becomes theatre", which will be taking place all summer until September 20th.  A summer filled with literature, art, music, and theater in the major cultural spaces of the Eternal City, with museums and archeological sites, which will remain open for guided evening and night time visits: this is the concept of the initiative.  Between the numerous activities, it is important to point out the guided visit "in notturna" (in nocturnal) to the Casino Nobile di Villa Torlonia (Noble Casino of Villa Torlonia) and to the Ara Pacis, along with the exhibit "Valentino in Rome, 45 years of style", taking place until September 6th. 


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