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 Italy News #2 - February 20, 2007
 The New Italian Design - Milano

Triennale of Milan

Until April 25th, 2007

The new Italian Design - Milan 

The Triennale of Milano is proud to present the exhibition "Il Paesaggio Mobile del Nuovo Design Italiano" open from 20 January to 25 April 2007. The show presents the results of the survey New Italian Design carried out by the Triennale of Milano in April 2006. A map of new Italian design has emerged, one which is not only limited to furniture design, but also encompasses all the new forms of the twenty-first century: from food to web, graphic, fashion, textile, copywriting, jewelry and multimedia design.

Palazzo Barberini Reopens to the Public - Rome

Palazzo Barberini

Via delle 4 Fontane 13 - Rome

January 25 - May 6, 2007

Palazzo Barberini Reopens to the Public - Rome

The magnificent Palazzo Barberini has been finally re-opened to the public. The construction of the Palazzo was commissioned by Maffeo Barberini, Pope Urbano VIII, in 1623 and was realized with the contribution of  the most important architects of Renaissance Rome: Maderno, Bernini, Borromini and Piero da Cortona. After years of restoration work, the public can now again admire the masterpieces of the Gallery of Ancient Art such as:  Raphael’s  “La Fornarina” , Giulio Romano’s “Madonna with child”, Lorenzo Lotto’s “The mystic wedding of  St Catherine” as well as the portrait of Henry VIII by Holbein and Caravaggio’s “Judith and Oloferne”.

Habemus Papam - The Pontifical Elections - Rome

Lateran Apostolic Palace

Until April 9th, 2007


This is an absolutely extraordinary exhibition that sees the official pontifical apartments in the Lateran Apostolic Palace transformed for the first time into an arts show venue.  There are four sections (death and funeral of the Pope, the Conclave, the Proclamation, the Ceremony of “Taking Possession of the Church”) each containing a variety of objects such as prints, garments, portraits, photos and paintings. The 140 objects and works of art assembled from museums in Rome, Vatican City and the rest of Italy allow visitors a closer insight into the emblematic figure of the Pope.

Cycling Through Lucca

The City of Lucca

Year - round

Cycling through Lucca

The bicycle and the natural and historical sceneries of evocative beauty. This splendid union - ecological tourism along side visiting the most charming historical and naturalistic places in an area of Tuscany - is what the cycle tourist route project ' The Routes of the Panther' is based on. On the network with this project there are the information offices, farm holidays and equipped receptive structures, businesses that sell specific products, service points, maintenance and custody of the bicycles. Structures where tourists can rent bicycles and satellite navigators.

Memories from the Underground - Archeological Finds - Rome

Olearie Papali

Info +39 06-39967700

Piazza della Repubblica 12 - Rome

Until April 9th, 2007

Olearie papali 

At the Oleari Papali in the Baths of Diocletian, the Archaeological Survey of Rome presents more than one thousand artefacts, excavated in the past twenty years and never before exhibited to the public. This is an opportunity to acquaint the public with the countless testimonies of antiquity that Rome and its suburbia continue to produce. The excavations conducted day after day indeed confirm that the largest archaeological museum in the world still lies buried beneath the city. Many artefacts come from the central archaeological area, from the Meta Sudans excavations and, in particular, from the Palatine, such as the tiger made of coloured marble. It is mainly the suburbs, however, that yield the most numerous and significant materials that contribute to defining the housing layout of the Roman countryside in antiquity.


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