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 Italy News #16 - May, 29, 2007

Taormina International Film Festival

Taormina, June 16-22, 2007


In the small seaside resort town of Taormina, a big film festival will be taking place in the famous Greek Theatre. The new director of this year's film festival is the renowned Deborah Young.  This competitive film festival covers everything from documentaries to independent features, film screenings, tributes, and much more! Even though the Festival awards honors in international cinema, it is always a particular custom to pay considerable attention to Italian cinema and Sicilian filmmaking in particular. 


Medieval Sundays

Rocca Borromeo -Trough June 11, 2007

Perfectly set in the town of Rocco Borromeo, Medieval Sundays is a popular event centered around the reenactment of the feats of princes and horsemen of an era long gone, conducted by local townspeople who don the most wonderful medieval costumes. Held every Sunday through June 11, this is a celebration to be enjoyed by the whole family.


 Italian Moto Gran Prix

Mugello Circuit - June 3, 2007

 The Mugello track is a modern circuit located in the beautiful Tuscan Clicca qui per chiuderecountryside, a mere 20 miles from Florence. A series of slow and fast turns make this a fun and challenging track, on which to enjoy the magic of national hero Valentino Rossi, also known as “the Doctor” of moto racing. The Moto GP is one of the fastest, most thrilling sports in the world with speeds up to 185 mph. Together with Formula One Moto racing is a favorite of Italians who enjoy watching sophisticated machines fly by at great speeds while the engine roars pierce the air.

Inauguration of the Gardens of La Venaria Reale

Piazza Repubblica, Torino - June 10th, 2007  


Beginning on June 10th, visitors to Torino will have the possibility of visiting the first historical park in all of Europe.  A site made up of approximately 61 acres of land and gardens is the origin of the Venaria Reale, that dates back to the mid-17th century, during the reign of Duke Carlo Emanuele II of Savoy.  These unique gardens will provide the setting for shows, tours, events and cultural activities, amongst many other exciting opportunities.  - Venaria Reale: Piazza Repubblica, 4



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