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 Italy News #15 - May, 21, 2007

A Greek Horse at the Capitolini


The “Bronze Horse of Vicolo delle Palme” is being displayed at the Musei Capitolini until September 16th.  The sculpture has recently been restored with the sponsorship of HippoGroup Roma Capannelle, and the conclusion of the restoration coincides with the beginning of the horse-racing season in Capannelle.  The statue, discovered in Trastevere in 1850, is a rare Greek original, dating from the 5th century BC. 


 "The Music Festival"


Rome - June 21, 2007

The Festa della Musica (The Music Festival), is one ofpubblicazione in formato jpg the most important annual celebrations of culture and entertainment in Europe, celebrated on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice.   It was launched in France in 1982, and by 1995 the show achieved international appeal, and has developed simultaneously in all of the major cities throughout Europe.  From 1999, the Congress granted high support to the festival, officially recognizing the public interest and cultural importance it has attained. 




Venice, May 27, 2007

 The Vogalonga boat race is one of the city’s most important events. Held in St. Mark's Basin around Ascension Day, which marked the old celebration of the Doge’s symbolic marriage to the sea, the Vogalonga dates back to 1975 and has gained in popularity ever since its beginnings.The race snakes around an 18 miles course across Venice’s Lagoon to Burano and back to the Grand Canal. More than 50 Venetian rowing clubs participate to the race, which is open to crews from all over the world. Along the course tens of thousands of people line up to witness this celebration of the sea and cheer the crews along.The celebration ends with a huge display of fireworks over the water and the city.


Mondello – May 16-20, 2007

In its 22nd year, the World Festival on the Beach combines music, entertainment, culture, and sports in a week-long celebration held on Mondello Beach, one of Sicily’s most evocative spots, a gem in its own right set on the coast, between a pristine beach and breathtaking cliffs. The event is organized by the Albaria Club in partnership with the  City of Palermo and the Region of Sicily. Several the events taking place within the Festival, among them: the Sicilian Grand Prix, the world renowned windsurfing competition and the Palermo-Mondello sprint, a classic regatta. At sunset, sports give way to entertainment and the Mondello promenade becomes the “it” place to enjoy new and well-known artists and engage in people watching.


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