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 NEWSLETTER # 145 - May 16th, 2011

  Bartolomeo Ammannati Sculptor

Firenze - May 11th - September 18th, 2011

The focus of the exhibition is the reconstruction in the courtyard of the Bargello of the marble fountain designed for the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio (and hence referred to as “di Sala Grande”), composed of six large statues. The (forty) works on display also include the Hercules and Antaeus from the fountain of the garden of the Villa di Castello, as well as bronzes, marbles, drawings and designs from museums in Italy and abroad. Also on display is the portrait of Laura Battiferri, Ammannati’s wife, a masterpiece by Bronzino.

  De Chirico at Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte (Andria) - April 17th - August 28th, 2011

From April 17 to August 28, 2011 inside Castel del Monte will be on show an interesting contemporary art exhibition “Giorgio De Chirico at Castel del Monte. The labyrinth of the soul”. This operation, strongly desired by the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation, can be considered considerably experimental: set up an exhibition of metaphysical painting in one of most metaphysical sites never built. For the exposition were selected 17 paintings and 3 sculptures. It must be noted the bold choice to place one of the sculptures in the courtyard

  A, b, c...: Letters in freedom 

Bolzano - Until December 21st, 2011

 A, b, c …: Letters in freedom presents around one hundred works of “verbo-visual” art, a form of art based on the letters of the alphabet.  The main section of the exhibition contains works created between the 1950s and 1970s, while others range from the 1920s to the present. Museion’s studio collection, the source of the works exhibited in this show curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer, boasts around 2500 works, 2000 of which come from the Archivio di Nuova Scrittura deposited in the Museion in 2000 by the collector Paolo Della Grazia, while the other 500 are the property of Museion.

    Berlin in the Eighties

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