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 NEWSLETTER # 139 - March 1st, 2011

 Drawings from Fra' Angelico to Leonardo

 Spilamberto treasure

Spilamberto - Modena, Emilia Romagna Region

11 dicembre 2010 - 25 aprile 2011

The Municipality of Spilamberto and the Department of Archaeological Heritage of Emilia-Romagna, backed by the scientific support of the Lombardy Department of Archaeological Heritage, have created an exhibition that leaves room to explore many other aspects of the find. Based on the recomposition of the most important burials, the wide assortment of artifacts and the extensive system of interesting artifact descriptions embellished by graphic rendering, thought-provoking theories and themes are proposed for subsequent in-depth studies to be carried out within the framework of the reconstruction of the early medieval history of the area of Modena and Emilia-Romagna

Glass adventure

Moataz Nasr

  San Gimignano (SI)

 February 12th - May 1st, 2011


Regarded as one of the leading exponents of contemporary pan-Arab art, the Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr has conceived this exhibition as a philosophical and spiritual journey, inviting us to meditate on the meaning of things and on co-existence. A choral song, a paean to compassion, as the key to knowledge, as the light which illuminates the way, and to love, as the abolition of frontiers and prejudices – elements which the artist renders in formal terms by re-elaborating common icons of the Islamic world to the point of transforming them into new global aesthetic signifiers, symbolic abstractions open to a multiplicity of readings. The exhibition is spread over the stalls area, the circles and the stage of the former cinema and theatre, metaphorically tracing a path directed towards spiritual elevation.


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