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 NEWSLETTER # 135 - January 13th, 2011

  Bronzino. Artist and Poet at the Court of the Medici

 Once upon a time, the News Vendors

Modena - Until March 13th, 2011

The internationality of a collection to which photos from every corner of the world are constantly added.  Now it is the turn of Africa and the Middle East, amid conflicts, landscapes, intense focus, fotoreportage...

Breaking news: why in certain areas of the world, where peace is a distant dream, do news bulletins only emphasise the conflict, diplomatic talks, the topical events.

A thought-provoking title, because the Modena exhibition is not concerned exclusively with war fotoreportage, but which is the only one to have a strong connection with all three macro-areas in question, namely, the Middle East, the Gulf of Guinea, South Africa, from which the 21 photographers were selected.  If in fact those regions are forever on the brink of waging a religious, tribal, race – or boundary-motivated war, it is also true we often forget that people live there, and those people are interested in the creativity of art and photography.


  China at Lingotto


The “Grand Tour” of our days

Roma - Until February 6th, 2010

They belong to different generations, so much so that they could be father and son.  Two Britons have set up an exhibition in Rome under the same roof, in the context of a spate of autumn-winter events at Macro.

The body, this unknown.  In his research spanning a period of 30 years Antony Gormley (London 1950) has never stopped looking into the relationship between the human body and the surrounding space, moving from drawing to sculpture.  If, at first, he used to favour the ironic representation of man as controlled from within by a little puppet (Mansion, 1982) or shaped like a sort of leafy shrub (Untitled, 1983), in time he proceeded to create abstract forms in the attempt to establish a connection between the human body and other subjects.

Whereby the old hand Gormley conquers space and fills it with his lineas, young Jamie Shovlin (Leicester, 1978; lives in London) aims at filling it with objects and visions in the pursuit of a dialogue between what is true and what is just appearance.  As demonstrated in the homage he pays to his favourite movie “Hiker Meat” directed by Jesus Rinzoli in the ‘70s.



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