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 Italy News #13 - May 9, 2007

Il Futurismo a Marcon

Marcon (VE), Spazioeventi Orler - Through 23 June, 2007

This Il futurismo a Marcon.event celebrates, albeit two years in advance, the 100th anniversary of the Italian Avantgarde of the XXth century. There are more than 250 works of art on show and the exhibition is divided in 4 sections. The first section analyzes the works on the dynamism of the machine, the body, the city and nature. The artists featured in this section are: Boccioni, Balla, Severini and Soffici, and for the period 1920-1940: Depero, Dottori, Pannaggi and others. The second section “Vision of the perspective aerial and cosmic” is dedicated to the aero-paintings of Dottori, Crali, Tato, Benedetta, Prampolini, Fillia, Andreoni, Peruzzi, Delle Site, Tulli and others. In the last two sections, the Futuristic language of the Sacred is represented in the “Sacred Art and spirituality” and in “The Futuristic reconstruction of the Universe” are on show other practical applications of this type of art in furniture, fashion, design and entertainment.

Gerard Titus Carmel

Ischia, Castello Aragonese - May 18 – September 30, 2007 

www.castelloaragonese.itGerard Titus Carmel - Ischia - Castello Aragonese

 On display one hundred paintings and drawings that best represent the artist’s most recent production. Gerard Titus Carmel’s works are a sort of “opposite landscapes”, where the representation of thick leaves goes beyond being a show of nature and becomes an inner and emotional experience in which the artist’s conception is realized in the vision of the world.

  The Passion of the Christ according to Bernini

Roma, Palazzo Incontro - Through June 3, 2007

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Self portrait This exhibition is held in the newly restored Palazzo Incontro. The life of Christ is depicted by the artistic genius of Giovan Lorenzo Bernini. The exhibition, an unusual representation of the Stations of the Cross includes 50 artworks of different types: paintings, etchings, marble and bronze sculptures. Bernini’s production represents one of the highest points of Italian Baroque and this exhibit marks the debut of 2 paintings never seen before: Cristo Patiens and Cristo Battezzato.


Novecento italiano a Firenze 

  Fiesole, Basilica di Sant’Alessandro - Through 3 June, 2007

 Giorgio De Chirico and the XX Century before and after the Transavanguardia

“Giorgio De Chirico and the XXth Century before and after the Transavangarde” is the title of this exhibition dedicated to period rich in historic and artistic values for Italy. The exhibition is characterized by some of the most important works by Giorgio De Chirico, but also by other artist that operated in this artistic contest like Conti, Bacci, Trinnanzi, Annigoni etc.


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