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 NEWSLETTER # 128 - October 13th, 2010


Perugia - 15 October, 2010 to 24 October, 2010

Zip, lightning trip in chocolate will be the slogan of 2010 edition rather than as logo will have a world - the world of chocolate note. One world, opened or closed, by a zip. A world that can open and close, know and communicate quickly, just like a zip!
As a tribute to claim 2010, manufacturers of sweetness created as gadgets official festival, a new product: the Tiramigiù, which hopefully will draw from the most famous sweet and eaten in the world! More than a year after the earthquake that struck the province do not stop the initiatives of solidarity for this land and these dates in the city will host the G8 sweet, attended the 8 leading producing countries of the global confectionery industry.



Milano - September 22nd, 2010 - January 30th, 2011


After 50 long years, the talented surrealist artist Salvador Dalì is back in Milan. His last personal exhibition in the Lombard capital city dates back to October 1954 and was held in the Caryatids Room of Palazzo Reale. From tomorrow the same Milanese venue, which for the artist was a source of inspiration for his house in Figueras, will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to him entitled “The dream is closer”. Indeed, some unexpected and significant considerations emerge from this exhibition, even with regard to the relationship between the artist and Italian renaissance painting, as well as surrealism and metaphysics, highlighting a more intimate and spiritual Dalì.

   Acqualagna Truffle Feast

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