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 NEWSLETTER # 124 - September  16th, 2010

 Restoration workshop and Exhibition of the Riace Bronzes 

Reggio Calabria - March 12th 2010 - March 2011


The wonderful statues are being exposed to a new restoration process, open to anyone’s sight, at Campanella Palace Monteleone room. So it is once again given the chance to explore and look into the hands which shaped their bodies, the places which hosted them, the time in which they were given everlasting fame. The conservative restoration intervention regarding the bronze works will be developing throughout several months. Here it will be given the chance to follow the restorers’ work in a close way.

 Jazz Language- Torino


October 22nd 2010- March 21st 2011 


Torino presents for 5 consecutive months this huge jazz review with different locations and many contemporary jazz artists. Every concert will be place at Saturday evening, except of the opening and the final concert.

International film festival –Roma  

October 28th –November 5th


The fifth edition of the International Rome Film Festival will be at Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica, the spectacular arts complex designed by world-famous architect Renzo Piano. he festival will be occupying every free inch of this prestigious venue: the five theatres – Santa Cecilia, Sinopoli, Petrassi, Teatro Studio, and Studio 3.


   International Festival of Contemporary Music 

September 24th –October 2nd Venezia


Under the umbrella of the Venice Biennale since 1930, this contemporary music festival presents concerts at various venues in the city. They focus on modern musical composition and include musical theatre, theatrical concerts, micro-opera, instrumental theatre, performance art and song.


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