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 NEWSLETTER # 124 - September  8th, 2010

  Biennale Carrara

Carrara - June 26th - October 31st, 2010

The theme of this edition will be the monument, or rather that radical process of de-monumentalisation which has freed sculpture from any celebratory, encomiastic function. The monument has been the emblem of power, the tool of mass homologation, but also the catalyst of patriotic values and an irreplaceable building-block in the construction of collective memory. It became a fundamental target of revolts and revolutions, and was then eliminated with the application of the ideals of democracy and freedom of our times.

   XXVII Firenze Marathon

Firenze - November 28th, 2010

The wrapping glamour of centuries of art, history and culture accompanies you step by step along the 42 kilometres and 195 meters of the Florence Marathon. A unique emotion which can be told only by those who have run in Florence and which has made the classic race of Florence an appointment that cannot be missed by thousand of sportsmen and enthusiasts who each year punctually come from all over the world on the last Sunday in November. The Florentine event has gained exponential importance during the recent years, so much that on last November 29th on the occasion of its XXVI edition a new record of participants has been achieved with over 10.166 runners (7.425 Italians and 2.741 foreigners) coming from 57 countries.



Bolzano - September 8th - October 9th, 2010

Transart is a contemporary culture festival that offers to a curious and open audience music projects and contemporary art at atypical sites, within the range of experimentation joint to quality. The festival was born with a strong multi-disciplinary and multimedia character and has developed through a net of international work and thanks to a rich platform of sponsorships. Every year the innovative character of the festival is reconfirmed again through the exclusive offer of new specifically created productions that see the partaking of artists coming from an international background, thanks also to the net of collaborations with the local organizations and to the by now consolidated collaborations with renown festivals in Europe. 

 A Ballad of the Floaded Museum

Venezia - August 27th - October 10th, 2010

The exhibition, hosted in the rooms of Palazzetto Tito, is a series of reflections on water as a contradictory element; an element that both supports and sweeps away, preserves and destroys, remembers and submerges for ever and that radically changes perceptions of space, light and bodies. The project originates from research carried out a little more than a year ago by the artistic duo, inspired by the great French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and linked in particular to experiments he conducted at the beginning of the 60s in an underwater habitat on the seabed off the coast of Sudan. The nature of Cousteau's experience and the artists' adaptation of it become a cue to thinking rationally about the very concept of depth and abyss, in both the physical and psychological sense.



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