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 NEWSLETTER # 123 - August 9th, 2010

  Monza F1 Gran Prix

Monza - (Mi) - September 12th, 2010


Monza Circuit was built in 1922, in only 110 days, both for competitions and for motor (auto & motor cycle) testing (Brooklands was built in 1907 and Indianapolis in 1909). Since then, the Italian Grand Prix has always taken place on the Monza track (except during the war years and a few other occasions). The location of the Circuit in Monza Park, is unique in the world. This natural setting is both attractive and delightful. Moreover there are sport and technical shops and a specialized bookstore with international and rare editions. The park offers also other facilities as swimming pool, camping, 18-hole golf course, horses and bicycle rental.

   The Song of Naples

Napoli - July 23rd - August 20th, 2010

Starting Friday July 23rd at 21:30, the 12the edition of the review La canzone di Napoli (The Song of Naples), a journey through Neapolitan music and song led by Peppe Napolitano, a student of the Maestro Sergio Bruni, and the New Singers of Naples. The event, organized by the Stabile Theater Association of Neapolitan music and the Enne House Museum of Neapolitan songs, will be held every Friday through August 20th at the Church of Santa Maria la Nova in Napoli. The event, explains Peppe Napolitano, "was born with the objective to compensate for the lack of spaces dedicated to Neapolitan music during periods of high tourist influx. It's my small contribution to promoting the culture of this city and also a source of personal satisfaction, as the entire series has sold out for 12 years.


  Bravio delle Botti Palio

Montepulciano (Si) - August 21st - 29th, 2010


At Montepulciano's Bravio delle Botti (barrel rolling contest) contenders roll empty wine barrels through the narrow streets of the wine-growing village. Eight neighborhood teams compete for the bravium, a cloth bearing the image of the town's patron saint. The race dates back to the 17th century and is also an excellent opportunity to sample some of the fine wine which comes from this beautiful area of Tuscany.


  Little Green Train

Nuoro - June 15th - September 15th, 2010


One of the best ways to travel and to know the different aspects of the island landscape is trough a travel on the Trenino Verde. The train runs across a land rich in vegetation, where the railway seems to have always belonged to, just like signalman's houses, stations, viaducts and other railways engineering works. The speed of the train is the right one to allow you to appreciate aspects of the island's landscape as the train proceeds almost on tiptoes in an environment, unreachable by any other way.



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