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 NEWSLETTER # 121 - July 20th, 2010


San Gimignano

The MUSEA Group is pleased to announce the opening of SANGIMIGNANO1300, a uniquely different gem of a museum located in the heart of San Gimignano, Italy. More of a “happening” than a museum, SANGIMIGNANO 1300 provides visitors the opportunity to truly experience and understand the historic, architectural and social aspects of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. SANGIMIGNANO 1300 features a massive ceramic reconstruction of the entire city of San Gimignano as it existed in 1300, at the height of its artistic splendour. Architects, historians and a team of artists worked nearly three years to create this spectacular and unprecedented exhibition.


  Duke Feast Urbino

Urbino - August 15th, 2010

The city of Urbino is a symbol of Italian Renaissance and the home of Raphael and Bramante. The town retains most of the original buildings and overall feel of its glory days and in some ways a visit to Urbino is like a step back in time. Each year, in August, Urbino celebrates it history with the Feast of the Duke: a re enactment in full medieval costume starting with a street parade of the Court of the Duke involving the Lords and Ladies of the court, acrobats and fire-eaters. The parade culminates with a jousting match in the presence of Ducal Court.


Ravello Festival

Ravello - (SA) July 1st - September 26th, 2010

The Ravello Festival is the oldest Italian music festival, along with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The Festival was originally dedicated to the music of Wagner, but as time went by editions evolved into their current form. The common theme for 2010 is "Madness". The Festival includes over one-hundred events organized in eight Sections, each in honor of one of the great artists who have stayed and who were inspired in Ravello: Symphonic music, Chamber music, Trends, Special events, Cinemusic, Visual arts, Musical promenades and Training.

   Toscany Walking Festival 

Toscany - April - November, 2010

Amidst the nature protected by Parks, in sign of conviviality, the Walking Festival multiplies 6 Natural Parks in hundreds of events, obtaining as a result a feast ideally capable of eliminating the sea that divides the Coast from the Islands, a sequence of steps that follow one another leading to the discovery of extraordinary places, a meeting between the desire of knowledge and the necessity of sharing ones emotions and experiences.



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