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 NEWSLETTER # 118 - June 18th, 2010


   The Virtues of Love. Nuptial Painting in XV Century Florence

Firenze - June 8th - November 1st , 2010

The bedroom was the fulcrum of the Renaissance home: the most intimate and protected place where the wedding was consumed, children were born, and one died. Spalliere/headboards like the so-called Cassone Adimari of the Galleria dell'Accademia, which occasions the exhibition, and the historiated panels of chests are extraordinary testimonies of the Florentine Renaissance home, high fashion, the celebration of festivities, the rituality that accompanied marriage, from engagement to the wife's entrance into her husband's house. Moreover, with the stories depicted, "nuptial painting" served the fundamental function of conveying messages of warning and encouragement to a couple to adopt a conduct considered as exemplary.

   Spectacular Genova

Genova - June 2nd - September 11th, 2010

   Light on the Darkness. The hidden treasures of the Certosa


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