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 NEWSLETTER # 117 - June 7th, 2010

    Jacopo Bassano

Bassano del Grappa - March 6th - June 13th, 2010

The exhibition Jacopo Bassano and the Splendid Deception of the Eye is the event marking the start of a three-year period of celebrations for the cinquecentenary of Jacopo Dal Ponte, called Jacopo Bassano, one of the most original and potent interpreters of the renewal of Venetian painting during the latter half of the sixteenth century, and the greatest painter of realism before Caravaggio. The exhibition, curated by Giuliana Ericani and Alessandro Ballarin, proposes a selected, significant tribute to Jacopo's art, from the beginnings up until the 1570s, owing to the exceptional loan of a nucleus of paintings of extremely high quality coming from the United States and from Europe, many of which have never before returned to Italy, or which have last been displayed to the public over 50 years ago. These are called on to dialog, in the Museo Civico's Salone Dalpontiano, with what is the most consistent collection of the painter's works.

    POMPEI VIVA - The 2010 Events program at the excavations of Pompeii

“Pompei Viva” is a claim, the 2010 program for the archaeological area, a slogan  meaning: knowledge, preservation, valorization of one of the most extraordinary sites of the world. Worksites where you can watch live the archaeological discoveries, multimedia visits, a  summer season of prestigious performances at the restored Great Theatre, walks by night, thematic itineraries, by bike and  for children, exhibitions, an archaeo-restaurant  where you can taste the finest traditional Campanian products. These are just some of the news of the Special Chief Manager of the emergency for the archaeological areas of Naples and Pompeii, Marcello Fiori  and of the Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei program that are making the Vesuvian excavations more and more accessible and enjoyable.


   Gino de Dominicis

Roma - May 30th, November 7th, 2010

The Gino De Dominicis exhibition represents the first and most exhaustive retrospective devoted to the artist who died prematurely in 1998. Running through the museum spaces from the entrance through to the spectacular Gallery 5, the exhibition investigates the principal thematic and iconographical issues tackled by the artist over the course of his highly original research that is particularly difficult to place within a precise trend or movement. Thanks to the collaboration of the Friends of Gino De Dominicis Association, various museums and foundations, private archives, experts, galleries and collectors, over 130 works are on show and tied to the themes of the immortality of matter and entropy, the overturning of perspective and ubiquity, metamorphosis and evolution, invisibility, anti-naturalism, the suspension of time between remote past and future.

   Sara Landau. Iper Pop Post


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