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 NEWSLETTER # 112 - April 21st, 2010

The Age of Conquest. The charm of Greek art in Rome

Roma - March 13th - 5 September 5th, 2010




The Age of Conquest, an exhibition just opened in the Musei Capitolini, explores the question: how did Rome's conquest of Greece (146 BC) influence Roman art? The answer is of course that the influence was huge: Roman copies of canonic Greek masterpieces ensued, there were aesthetic influences in the decoration of sanctuaries and funerary monuments, while every-day domestic objects mimicked Greek styles too. The exhibition, through masterpieces coming from the Mediterranean basin, including impressive marble statues, fine works in bronze and terracotta sculptures entire cycles, ornaments and home decor items made of bronze and silver, the highest value style, describe the period that will be among the most innovative and original for the entire development of Western art.

 Spoleto Piano Festival

Spoleto - April 16th May 2nd, 2010


All programming revolves around the celebration of a musical instrument, perhaps the most beloved in every part of the globe: the piano. The main feature of the festival is to pay homage at the piano in all its expressions, the reinterpretation of the great classical repertoire up to the latest trends, demonstrating once again the great versatility and eclectic of which only this instrument is capable: from jazz to classical music, music of the remark of countless films up to the new territories of the trial sound. Exhibitions of renewed artists alternate to the executions of young talent emerging, always and still in the name of this fine thread, whose unmistakable notes obtained at Spoleto deserved space and a proper tribute.

 Egypt never seen. The eternal dwellings of Assiut and Gebelein

Reggio Calabria - February 21st - June 20th, 2010


The Italian Archaeological Mission directed by the great Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli made extraordinary discoveries in the necropolis of Assiut and Gebelein, bringing to light evidence of burials rich social and cultural context a province of ancient Egypt between 2100-1900 BC All the exhibits are so found by the Mission arrived in Turin, warehouses of the Egyptian Museum, where they were lovingly preserved. For the first time, using original photographs, we can go virtually in two provincial capitals in ancient Egypt where they were kept for 4000 years in the wilderness the secrets of everyday life and the afterlife.



Napoli - April 30th - May 2nd, 2010


Animation enthusiasts heading to Naples should ensure that they reserve a bit of time to check out Comicon, which is offering a series of exhibitions on the art form  and much  more. Travelers relaxing at Naples hotels need not travel far as the event is taking place at Castel Sant' Elmo and Mostra d'Oltremare from April 30th to May 2nd. It is the first time that the occasion has been held across two main locations, but the organizers stressed that these - and all other galleries and libraries where art is being shown - are all within the centre of the city and people can walk between most of them.



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