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 NEWSLETTER # 107 -  March 8th,  2009

Monday, February 8th - 2010 - at the Italian Government Tourist Board premises in New York took place the  celebration for the

50th anniversary of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina - Delegation of New York

an Italian Cultural Institution which promotes and defends the great Italian Food Tradition. 

Mr Riccardo Strano, Director of Italian Government Tourist Board for North America has presented

Mr Giovanni Ballarini, President of the Accademia and

Mrs. Francesca Baldeschi Balleani, Delegate of the Accademia of New York Chapter.



The Accademia Italiana della Cucina was founded July 29th 1953 by well known Italian writer Orio Vergani, together with eighteen other prominent men. Among them, was Eduardo Visconti di Modrone.


World War II had just ended and Italian cuisine, always recognized for its creative and natural aspects, was beginning to lose its genuineness freshness, and more importantly, its traditions.

The Accademia then stepped in and saved it from deterioration. The New York chapter was the first to be founded abroad in 1959 by Hedy Giusti Lanham, a remarkable Venetian woman full of energy, class and creativity.


After Ms Giusti Lanham, Guido Lorenzotti, inherited the task of divulging gastronomic excellence and culture in New York.In 2003, the Italian Government recognized the Accademia della Cucina as an official “cultural institution”.


After Lorenzotti’s guidance for twenty-five years, the Accademia named Alessandro Di Giovanni as head of its chapter for two years, and shortly after, Francesca Baldeschi Balleani, current head, assumed the Delegate position along with Vice Delegate Helen O’Hagan.


The Accademia is very proud to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary bringing renowned chef, Lucio Pompili owner of restaurant “Symposium” located in the Marche region, thus also celebrating this region not only for its food and wine, but also its art, music and in particular its traditions.


On this occasion,  some very special guests have been honored, who along with their intellect and heart, have given longstanding, valid support to Italian cuisine throughout the years.




The following guest have been honored:




Michele Miele e Salvatore Doria 

of “Gino”


Gianfranco Sorrentino     

of “Il Gattopardo”


Sirio Maccioni   

of “Le Cirque”


Iacopo Falai      

of “Falai”


Laura Maioglio 

of “Barbetta”

   Speciality Store:

Luigi di Palo

   of “Di Palo Selects”




Mimi Sheraton



Luisanna Messeri



Pamela Fiori





Giuliano Bugialli







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