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ITALY NEWS # 102 - December 12, 2009

Edward Hopper

Milan - Through January 31, 2010


Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is the most important representative of American realism and is famous for his painting scenes from everyday life and landscapes. Held in Palazzo Reale, this exhibit is the first of its kind in Italy and was curated by Carter Foster of the famed Whitney Museum, intrinsically connected to the artist since 1920. On display at Palazzo Reale more than 160 works with masterpieces and several paintings never before displayed. The works are on loan mainly from the Whitney Museum but also from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Terra Foundation for American Art in Chicago and the Columbus Museum of Art.

Galileo's Telescope

Rome - Through January 6, 2010


The Province of Rome pays homage to the genius of Galileo Galilei with the exhibit "Il telescopio di Galileo", held at Palazzo Incontro through January 6, 2010 and offered free of charge to all visitors. Thanks to Galileo Galilei, the period between summer and fall of the year 1609 became crucial as the time in which the universe acquired a new physiognomy. With his telescope, Galileo was indeed able to confirm Copernicus’s revolutionary theories according to which the earth did not stand still in the center of the universe bur rather it orbits around the sun. 400 years after Galileo discovery, this extraordinary exhibit opened in Florence in 2008 and traveled to Beijing, Philadelphia and Stockholm before arriving in Rome.

"Acquavite Italia"

Perugia - January 29-31, 2010


Rocca Paolina, in the city center, hosts the 3rd edition of Acquavite Italia, the only tradeshow that promotes the culture and sale of Italian and international distilled spirits, grappas and aquavits. Grappa, naturally, is the queen of the event, which also showcases fruits liquors, brandy, and all the great distilled spirits enjoyed everyday. A campaign to promote responsible drinking underscores the event, open to the trade and visitors alike.


Artigiana Italiana 2010 – Artisan Italy 2010

Modena - February 26-28, 2010


In its 3rd edition, Artigiana Italiana showcases the best of Italian craftsmanship at ModenaFiere February 26-28, 2010. Handmade, custom-made and Made in Italy are the distinguishing features of the products on display in the exhibit. Even during a recession, Made in Italy proves once more the winning element and the quality of its hand-made products is an important perceived value.


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